Saturday, July 1, 2017

Los Angeles Eastside Sun Fail: Pity for Illegals, Nothing for Americans

Then check out the article headline in the bottom right corner:

This narrative about the poor illegal alien families "This Father's Day: Orphans A Crule Trump Legacy"

What about Angie Morfin?

What about Kate Steinle's parents?

What about Don Rosenberg?

What about them? They are parents bereaved for their children?

What about the children of Sandra Duran?

She was killed by an illegal alien in the North Hills section of Los Angeles?

Her children have no mother.

What about them?

Where is the pity for Americans?

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  1. Illegals have been a burden on the system for so long. Time for our politicians to stand up for Americans. What about the 500, 000 homeless people in America. I don't see any legislation to fix that issue. Why is that?