Saturday, July 1, 2017

Conservative America with John Estrada: June 30th, 2017

Thanks again for having me on the show, John.

I was glad that I could share about the slow but growing movement to Make California Great Again.

Estrada was a conservative candidate for the US Senate in 2016.

He was one of four candidates who debated before the Beach Cities Republicans in January, too.

I wish that the race had ended better for all conservatives considered. The outcome of the race ended up with us choosing between evil and evil-er, two Democrats competing for who could be more liberal.

The whole Prop 14 drama has made a huge mess of the election process in California.

I commented on that terrible reform, along with the crime, particularly illegal immigration.

Estrada brought in another caller who shared compelling issues about California's political future, too.

Make California Great Again is a big movement, however.

Grassroots efforts have been successful. They have stopped legislation to make it legal to serve as a card-carrying communist in state government.

We have also witnessed California's overzealous regressive efforts to stop the Second Amendment smashed.

Trump's agenda is also proceeding apace, and no one can stop it.

Thanks again for having me on your show, John!

I hope that all continues to get better as the days progressive into Election 2018.

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