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The Two Strands of the California GOP, as Seen in the South Bay

After two months of fighting and winning all over Southern California, I finally had some time to reflect on previous posts and reports.

The California Republican Party has a chance to be great again.

It needs to stand for the truth, fight for what is right, and not be afraid to hurt people's feelings.

They also need to stop doing whatever the media makes them do or think.

We need to stop playing by the ruling liberal elite's games and schemes.

Playing nice and not fighting back: that kind of a rigmarole is not working.

In the April 25th edition of the Beach Reporter, two sides of the same page reported on two events.

First, the Ted Lieu town hall, in which Trump supporters such as myself disrupted the lies and called out Lyin' Ted for his fraudulent, perverse, false narratives against our President.

We the People Rising and LA County for Trump
Took on Lyin' Ted and his Town Hall!

Lyin' Ted! Lyin' Ted!

Here's the other article, with my commentary, showing what the local press wanted to highlight in a positive light:

Manhattan Beach's David Hadley honored by local Republicans

About 100 people attended the Republican of the Year Award for 66th Assembly District at the Manhattan Beach Marriott on Saturday April 22, 2017.

By the way, the Central Committee could not the number of tickets. The goal was about 220.

Nobody wanted to go, includig members of the central committee. Remember, the corrupt, servile Chairwoman Janice Webb tried to silence the Beach Cities Republicans' effort to celebrate Latinos for Trump.

She failed, and now her central committee is a total failure. They celebrated David Hadley, the one-term assemblyman who ended up jumping into bed with the New Majority, which has helped turned the Republican Party into the New Minority all over the state.

Local GOP leaders who gathered on Saturday to honor Manhattan Beach resident David Hadley, who won the 66th Assembly District seat from Al Muratsuchi in 2014 only to lose the seat in 2016, found a way to look on the bright side.

Hadley, who was awarded Republican of the Year at the event held by the 66th Assembly District Committee, has been attracting the attention of statewide leaders having recently opened an exploratory committee for a 2018 California governor bid. And, though there were no announcements this weekend, Hadley said he plans to seek the best possible candidate. If the Republican candidate for governor just so happens to be him, then so be it.

No, it won't be him. The New Majority, a bunch of liberals who like losing, are looking to make him their standard-bearer. I am glad he did what good he was able to accomplish in the state assembly, but I have no interest in supporting him for Governor. I am not interested in "balance", I want right-leaning leadership to clean up the terrible messes left by the Democratic Party.

“It’s about making sure that the best candidate runs,” Hadley told the crowd of about 100 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott. “If it were me, I am prepared to run, but the important thing is to create unity on the center right, to make sure we have a terrific strong voice in the conversation and we have an opportunity to win and don’t trip over ourselves in the process.”

Oh, the crowd had "about 100", so it was smaller than even that?! Well, well, well. What do you know, Janice? You stab conservative grassroots activists in the back, and they will return the favor, by not giving you any money!

Hadley said that political campaigns are not just about victories or defeat, but about building something that matters the day after the election. He said he's used his experience both winning and losing to mentor other aspiring candidates.

Elections and policy changes are all about winning, David. We needed you to win in 2016. But some of the votes you cast, and apparently your decision not to support Donald Trump. crippled your re-election chances. I still recall how Hadley's campaign office dwarfed Young Kim's re-election office. Why did he have a hard time getting volunteers? Because he was too liberal, and he had pushed away so many conservatives who had expected clear, conservative leadership from him.

Assemblyman David Hadley (ret.)

Earlier on Saturday, Hadley said he traveled to Sacramento to offer a training session to upcoming candidates for Assembly and state Senate in 2018. He will also begin a teaching position at University of Southern California as legislator in residence.


“These are all ripples we've created that will continue to extend outward,” Hadley said.

Hmmm ...

Kristin Olsen, vice chair of the California Republican Party conceded the party had a lot of work to do to regain its political standing.

Yes, like standing with our President and fighting back against liberal lunacy all over the state.

I wrote "fighting back", not playing nice.

The California Republican Party is embracing key planks in the Donald Trump agenda, like repealing Obamacare, rejecting refugees, building the border wall--and defunding sanctuary cities.

Good--and let's keep fighting to make it better. California Republican leaders

"The brand is pretty broken. Even Republicans don’t like California Republicans. That's a problem," she said with a smile.

Yes, because you guys do not fight back. We the People Rising and LA County for Trump are defining the brand now, and more Democrats are becoming Republicans because Trump pays attention to the needs of working and Middle-Class America.

Nonetheless, Olsen projected a message of optimism, reporting the party spent $250,000 recently and embarked on a statewide survey of 20,000 residents to determine the strongest brand messaging moving forward.

That's a start. How about using your own media to bring down

“We are really diagnosing if the brand is broken and why,” she said. “And is it fixable?.... But here is the good news: This analysis showed that 68 percent of California voters are persuadable... Now our job is to figure out who they are and what are the issues, policies and messages they care about.”

They are persuadable--but the corrupt local and statewide media are all about projecting anti-Trump hate. They need to push aside and replace the corrupt liberal narrative with the truth.

The Maine GOP as set up their own news site of sorts. They are also not afraid to call out the liberal, Fake News press of the Portland newspapers.

I think it's time for teh California GOP to put together a similar operation to go after the dishonest editorial series in the Los Angeles Times, too!

And if there's one place Republicans can learn a lot about messaging, said Olsen, it would be the South Bay and Assembly District 66 where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by around eight percentage points.

“We are relying on people like David Hadley who have proven that Republicans can win in Democratic areas,” she said.

Not really. He lost his re-election bid! Not only that, but there were registered Democratic voters whom I spoke with, and they voted for Trump!

How does anyone elected official expect to get Democratic voters by rejecting their choice for President? Anyone want to tell me their thoughts on this matter?!

On President Donald Trump's first 100 days Olsen said he deserved respect and patience, but the true focus should be on California.

How about asking the federal government to enforce the laws already laid out by Congress?

“Donald Trump did not cause California to have the highest poverty rankings in the nation. He did not drive education in this state to the bottom. He did not cause the highest housing costs. So let’s focus on our own problems," she said.

While Olsen and the other speakers threw their support behind Hadley, the honoree of the night, a young Republican, 20-year-old Bertram Usher impressed the crowd with his message of diversity and individual responsibility. Usher addressed the group about the challenges the party faces reaching out to young people.

Bertram Usher is a sellout.

He was supposed to be a keynote speaker at the October, 2016 Latinos for Trump meeting of the Beach Cities Republicans:

He wanted to be liked, however, and he did whatever the RINO Central Committee told him to. He stood us all up, and he denied a ready audience of Republicans the chance to meet a full array of Latinos for Trump.

I didn't know where he was, since he was already late for that meeting. When I called him, he told me that he couldn't make it because of something about the Central Committee.

Wow! What a lack of character. Just plain shameful. I had been a key source that got him and other Latinos for Trump in touch with The Guardian, and they reported on his support for Trump.

What a disappointment. Six months later, at the Donald Trump star, Betram apologized, but then justified himself by claiming that he was going to lose everything that he had worked for if he crossed the corrupt Central Committee of Los Angeles. Now I have to ask: by betraying men and women of conscience to get a little something from corrupt Jason Maruca and company, what do you have to show for it?

Nothing, and getting a little trinket award from a small crowd of "nice guys" does not amount to much

“Of course there’s a backlash where people are now seeing us as the stereotypical Republican Party, a party that is not diverse, a party that only appeals to the rich and powerful,” said Usher who was raised in Inglewood and plans to attend a UC school. “When in reality, especially from my opinion, I see the Republican Party as a party that values the young, the key aspect of individual responsibility and working for yourself in America.”

Diversity follows from principle, and skin color should not be the true determinant for elections I have met many Americans of diverse backgrounds. They are not looking for candidates who share their skin color, but the content of their character, and a commitment to American values.

Final Reflection

The Republican Party needs to ignore left-wing media talking points.

It's not about skin color and cosmetic differences.

It's about fighting for principles which help all Californians, and all Americans.

Notice that David Hadley had caved on key concerns, like assisted suicide, illegal immigration (allowing illegal aliens to purchase health insurance on the state Obamacare exchange), and then rejecting Donald Trump.

Then there's Betram and Janice Webb. Principles and integrity make the difference, not skin color. People have to stand for something, or they will fall for anything and bow down to anyone.

We need men and women of courage, of backbone.

We need to see the state party stand by conservatives of all colors and backgrounds.

It's time to fight back.

The Beach Cities Republicans, We the People Rising, LA County for Trump all have allied with Americans, Californians fed up with crime, corruption, lawless liberalism to make their stance.

Lyin' Ted Lieu had a terrible night in April. He was hoping to gloat about his liberal fame while defaming our President. He was not the headline that night, however.

We the People were! And it was SPECTACULAR!

What has the Central Committee accomplished? Nothing.

We need to not be afraid to stand out and shout. We need to make bad politicians feel the pain.

Let us not be afraid to fight the media and win.

Last of all, let's work together to fight on principles, not based on skin color.

Instead of squelching outspoken activists, we need to work together to ensure the rights of all Californians are protected and respected.

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