Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shameful: Pro-Illegal Brown Supremacists Disrupt Independence Day Celebration, Harass Parents and Children

In the previous post, I mentioned this group of Brown Supremacists who showed up.

For some reason, they were really angry at me.

They shouted these crazy lies about "racist", "homophobe", and "predator."

I never realized how much power I had over these desperate illegal alien enablers and their dwindling posse. The funny things-they were pretty much describing themselves, preying on the fears of the young people whom they attempted to lie to and indoctrinate to hate others.

Yes, I decided to let the whole world know that I was playing John Adams at the History Walk hosted by the July 4th Celebration in Santa Ana California, right in the heart of Orange County.

I am proud of my country, and I am proud of my President!

Why should anyone of us hide our freedoms and First Amendment rights?

So, as predicted, a small collection of Brown Supremacist, pro-illegal alien, La Raza hatemongers showed up:

I need you to understand this:

These hatemongers, led by these to ladies, would rather jeopardize a family event and harass women and children all in the name of their agenda.

It was shameful--I felt sorry for them that they would act like that, in front of young boys and girls who had every right to celebrate this country and our wonderful American heritage.

Here are the names of two of the racist hatemongers:

She was the most desperate, precisely because she was the most outspoken.

Some of the children even laughed at her for all hateful rhetoric.

One of her constant refrains was "Stop terrorizing our community!"

Yet she was the one doing all the "terrorizing", in that she scared many of the boys and girls who were simply trying to enjoy a day out at the park.

Then this hateful lady showed up:

Perla Dionicio:

She was wearing this ""Recall  Pulido" shirt, which makes even less sense to me, since my name is not Pulido. These Brown Supremacist activists are lazy and uninformed. They just show up with whatever banner, sign, or shirt that they have to protest.

Pretty sad! Pretty funny, too, considering that whatever solid opposition then claim to manifest against their political opponents is getting slimmer by the day.

And that fat guy who wears basketball jerseys? This guy is really up in arms about "Stolen land" arguments, which is ridiculous, considering that Indian tribes stole from each other in the most brutal fashion for centuries, both in North as well as Meso America.

He calls himself Jaguar Redfeather:

He looks more like a water buffalo, and I doubt he can move as fast as a jaguar.

Notice how he tried to cover his face as much as possible:

I would suggest that he cover his face as much as possible, especially for the sake of his fiancee or wife, or whatever. I would be ashamed of myself if I was connected with him in any way.

Check out some of the hateful things that they did to the parents and children around us:


Keep in mind that this mindless horde of haters chose to spend 4 hours of their day harassing women and children in a park. They could have been celebrating the holiday with friends and family. It all goes to show how empty they are. They must be really afraid of the President--John Adams or Donald Trump.

They apparently live in Santa Ana, so they felt particularly threatened that I was not afraid to venture into "their territory."

I also know that they are really upset to be labeled Brown Supremacists:

But that is what they are!

As hard as they tried to intimidate me and others at the event, I found that more people, parents and children, withstood the hatred of these race-baiting hatemongers. We all know that they hate this country and they hate the values which make this country great.

But there are so many more in this country who care about being American, not black or white, red or brown.

It was really stunning to see the power of ordinary citizens stand up to their hatred. They essentially wasted four hours of their day trying to intimidate me, and they couldn't get rid of me.

But they did succeed at chasing away someone else.

One of the staffers at the event encouraged me to take a break. I saw no reason to leave, since I was having a good time. Then she told me that she was worried about what Congressman Lou Correa would think with all the hateful bigots taking up space at the history walk.

I refused to leave. The Congressman has only himself to blame for this illegal alien chaos in this city. He wanted to pander to these La Raza Brown Supremacist thugs, and now he could clean up the mess.

The truth is that Santa Ana is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, but not for citizens, and certainly not for the taxpaying parents and their children who wanted to celebrate Fourth of July.

None of us gave way. Anyone who was listening could tell that they were getting tired really fast.

I also noticed that Jackie Cordova was really angry at Lupe Moreno. Apparently, she had the courage to call the police on them in the past because they were committing crimes, and many of them now have police records.

No wonder they were angry. Instead of showing any respect to their elders, they attacked this woman, a lady who has fought for American, for our freedoms, and for our country.


Lupe was strong, as she has always been. and refused to pushed around!

Notice how creepy these brown supremacists became!

They became so hostile and violent, the Santa Ana police department had to put up a "Do Not Cross" line to protect the visitors to the park.

Pretty sad, I must say.

The parents and children of all backgrounds were very supportive of me and the history walk. Some of them came up to me to ask extra questions, and thent hey helped guide more young people to learn about John Adams and this great country.

Hate lost. Love trumped hate that day, and on Independence Day of all days!

As I wrote before, the only bad thing that happened turned out to be a good thing.
One young boy believed the lies and told a few other kids:: "Don't talk to him! He's a racist."

But no one listened to him. In fact, I could not believe how many kids went up to hear about John Adams!

Another group of kids came to the right side of the table. I was pretty sure that they wanted to ask me something incendiary, egged on by one of the corrupt, abusive adults. At one point, I turned to them and asked them what they wanted to know. They simply walked away and said: "Never mind."

It is really strange to me how Jack, Perla, and the rest of their corrupt cult can come into the middle of a park in a large Hispanic community and claim that I am a racist. If I had such disdain for people with a different skin color, why would I be there in the first place?

Let me know when you have an answer to that. I would sure like to know.

If anything. these foolish, hateful people--themselves indoctrinated with false narratives about this country's history.

Fortunately, I was able to meet with lots of people throughout the four hours that I attended and shared information about John Adams. Just before I left, staffers informed me that they would have the Santa Ana police department escort me to my car.

I wasn't really sure that I needed it, but I complied nonetheless.

Notice that the Santa Ana police complied as much as they could without undoing their ethical obligations as police officers to serve and protect all citizens equally:

They were desperate to look good to the world, but they only revealed how hateful they really are:

They even tried to block the street when I drove out of the parkway to the main street:

But John Adams made it, in spite of the worst efforts of the Brown Supremacists and their hate-monger henchmen.

Final Reflection

This is the face of illegal alien hate than to see these bigoted, Brown Supremacists invading a family-friendly celebration of our country's Independence from Great Britain.

Unbelievable but true, they have no problem terrorizing little children and their families in their determination to protect illegal aliens.

I have to say I found myself laughing a few times and their vain attempts to shame and slander me and others I know. They even had pictures of me in handcuffs, arrested for no other reason than being a citizen who was protesting a corrupt city council in its one city council meeting.

Pretty sad, I must say, that this group has resorted to such hatred of their "own people", since the majority of parents and children who visited my booth were of Hispanic descent and welcomed all the history I shared with them.


  1. Your very brave. Thank you. One by one the minds of the people can be led into the truth and the ugliness of the lies revealed.

  2. it's too bad naui couldn't make it, at least he provides some comic relief! LOL

  3. Arthur, let me know if you're coming to Orange County again. Just come to any of my posts on my Wordpress blog Mystere's Moonbat Spanker and comment on any post. I have it set up so that I approve of any comments before they get posted, so anything confidential will remain confidential and unposted. On my blog mystere's moonbat slayer club, Disqus has become clunky and won't work with my mobile browser or the mobile Firefox browser, so that becomes a problem. Mystere's Moonbat Slayer Club has a link that will send you to my Wordpress Blog Mystere's Moonbat Spanker. I'm in North Orange County, so I'm not too far from where you were.

  4. Most if mot all groups that are pushing for a specific race or nationality are racist. It's the same strange effect of the fascist AntiFa or the LGBT crying for rights to violate the rights of others and the gays in Colorado taking the 1st amendment from business owners. "Forgive them father for they not know what they do" is about the best way I can say it without anger over the biased crap today that is ripping the right of the whole to justify the "rights" wants more like it of the few.

  5. I am white women and over 50. Folks like you are an embarrassment. The level of insecurity it takes to be as racist and narrow-minded as you is pathetic. My only relief is that time and time again throughout our history, folks like you lose. This nation is built on the strength of ALL immigrants. To be American is to embrace an ideal, and is in no way connected to your skin color, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Your kind are the most Un-American people I know.

  6. California democrat owned politics have become a cancer on the face of representative democracy!! It is totally toxic and needs to be cut out and destroyed!!

  7. God Bless you Arthur Shapper for all the hard work you are doing to expose this. You are at "ground zero" in the fight aganst illegal immigration. This country belongs to its LEGAL CITIZENS! You have to weather being called "racist", "white supremacist" and the like. Thank you for all you do.

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