Tuesday, November 1, 2016

SHAMEFUL: Al Muratsuchi Lies About World War II Vets

This is beyond heinous.

First, Al Muratsuchi prides himself on being a baby-killer, connected to Planned Murderhood, the National Organization for Women (which actually does not represent the views of the vast majority f American women on life, marriage, and other cultural concerns), and also NARAL (another radical pro-abortion group).

Then he sounds out smears and liars, particularly the crappy "Trump-Hadley" signs which exposed what a fraud  he really is.

Then he sent out this flyer, giving the impression that an impressive array of Japanese-American World War II vets are endorsing Al Murtsuchi.

News Flash--they have endorsed David Hadley.

Check out the sleazy, deceptive mailer that the Muratsuchi camp sent out:

How low can a man go?

This is beyond vile.

Muratsuchi has gone around the district claiming to care about veterans. He touts his "service" as chairman of the Assembly Veterans Committee.

But this is how he treats them?


Vote for David Hadley! He has worked for Japanese-American communities in diverse fashion throughout the 66th Assembly District.

Hadley fought to save Keiro.

Hadley has fought to keep Japanese-American businesses in the South Bay.
David Hadley at ribbon-cutting for new Go For Broke Center (Credit: Rafu Shimpo)

He has fought to ensure that all students earned college admission based on merit, not race.

Hadley has also fought to ensure that Asian-Americans of all diverse backgrounds would not be broken down into census targeting for more government control.

As for Al Muratsuchi:

What kind of a man misuses and abuses the legacy of the "Go For Broke" generation for his narrow-minded self-servicing political agenda?!

Please fill out this petition, and demand that Al Muratsuchi apologize for this deceptive, abusive mailer.

Call Muratsuchi's campaign office, and demand that he denounce this terrible mailer!

He should come clean about his fraud and stop dishonoring the name and record of Japanese American WW2 Vets!!

Muratsuchi for Assembly 2016
Campaign Office Address:
1513 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite B2
Torrance, CA 90501

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4375
Torrance, CA 90510
Office: (424) 237-8520

Email: info@alforassembly.com

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