Monday, October 31, 2016

Stand4Truth: The Truth About Homosexuality--Not Born That Way

This panel was particularly interesting.

First, Janet Boynes, a former lesbian, testified of her transformation.

She discussed the abandonment and abuse which she had endured, from her step-father and from her mother.

Then she talked about he she became an abuser in turn and a lesbian.

The hurt, the pain that she felt inside could not be fixed with same-sex relationships.

The love that she sought, she could not find in homosexuality.

She received Christ into her life again, and she transformed little by little.

In effect, she learned how to be a woman.

Ryan Sorbo, seated on the right, went undercover into gay bars to find out what they thought about the origins of homosexuality.

The answers were shocking!

Most of the men candidly admitted that they had been raped, molested, abused by loved ones.

Many of them in turn molested children, One of the perverts candidly admitted that he would be in a lot of trouble if the police found out what he had done.

Here is the extended undercover video:

This information was enlightening for understanding this problem.

And also very disturbing.

Abuse breeds abuse.

Hurt people hurt people.

Enough is enough.

We cannot keep treating same-sex behavior like a benign eccentricity.

In fact, those words I learned from Brian Camenker, the President of MassResistance.

Instead of strictly discussing the true origins of homosexuality, he talked about the enablers, the militants who are hurting our society, and stealing our liberty.

Here are further comments from the panel.

And here:

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