Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wisconsin Governor Stands with Missouri to Defend Workers' Rights Against Big Labor

I love Scott Walker!

He is a team player who wants to ensure that every American enjoys freedom in the work place.

The Big Labor thugs are targeting Missouri now, since the latest GOP trifecta has enshrined worker freedom for all Missourians, just as Walker had done in Wisconsin two years before.

Part of the reason Walker is supporting Greitens?

Eric Greitens

He is now the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association!

This is wonderful!

Check out their fight to ensure right-to-work is available to all states and all working Americans.

From the Desk of Scott Walker

Thanks to strong conservative leadership, Wisconsin and Missouri are now leading the conservative revolution. Both states have become Right-to-Work states -- and they are models for the rest of the country in what conservative leaders can accomplish.

It also means these states are lightning rods for liberal attacks.

Missouri's great Governor, and my friend, Eric Greitens, is under attack and needs our help to fight back! Please join me in supporting him with $10, $35, $50, $100, $250, or more now.

Eric ran on a promise to shake things up and turn his state around -- and he has kept his promise.

He is off to a great start on both counts -- but the liberal special interests are going to do everything in their power to stop him.

Show your support for Governor Greitens'
bold conservative leadership today.

Last fall, I proudly campaigned with Eric Greitens and, this spring, I was proud to stand with him as he signed legislation banning preferential treatment to union contractors into law. It was a great day for Missouri workers and taxpayers. But because of that courageous decision, he is being targeted by the liberal machine.

Let's show Governor Greitens we've got his back as he pushes ahead with even bigger and bolder reforms in Missouri! Contribute now:

> $10
> $35
> $50
> $100
> $250
> Other

As the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, I am committed to supporting our Republican governors, especially those who are under attack by the Far Left for enacting bold conservative reforms.

Governor Greitens faces bitter opposition from the status quo liberals in Jefferson City who will do whatever it takes to hold him to one term.

Sound familiar? It should. Wisconsin liberals and Big Government Labor Bosses tried the same thing against me -- and they failed. It was because of generous conservative activists like you that we could take the fight to them and defeat them.

Take it from me: making real, lasting conservative change is not for the faint of heart. Lucky for the citizens of Missouri, they elected a Navy SEAL and a fighter as their Governor.

Eric Greitens ran for Governor to give back to the state he loves. He knew Missouri could do better. As Governor, he is working to:
  • Clean up the mess left by the special interests
  • Fight for more jobs and higher wages
  • End the culture of welfare and handouts
  • Bring lasting conservative change
He is on a mission to turn Missouri around, and he has my full support and admiration.

Will you join me in support of this conservative leader today?

Last November, Missourians voted to clean up Jefferson City. They wanted a governor who would put an end to the corrupt, do-nothing status quo.

In just a few months, Governor Greitens signed "Right-to-Work" legislation, hit lobbyists with the toughest restrictions in Missouri history, and put policies in place that have attracted hundreds of jobs to the Show Me State.

He is off to a great start but needs our help to keep moving Missouri -- and America -- forward with bold conservative reforms! Stand with me in support of Governor Greitens today.

Thank you for your support for our shared conservative values. With all of you by our side, we will win this fight.

Scott Walker
Governor of Wisconsin


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