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Trump Will Save the California GOP (?)

Steve Frank's very popular blog and news site "California Political Review" is gaining readers all over the state.

He has a higher readership than Breitbart California and Flash Report, according to one source.

This article was printed three weeks after Trump's shocking and welcome victory last year.

In the past four years, in raw number the Republican Party in California lost 300,000 registered voters—even with “all” the registration done, the net loss is 300,000.  As of October 24, 2016, the GOP has 26% of voters register and Decline to State has 24.4%.  By this time next year it will be reversed.  On November 8 three more GOP’ers lost Assembly seats, probably one GOP Senate seat was lost, and no congressional seats were lost—and the GOP did not win a single Democrat seat.  The GOP leadership is saying, “it could have been worse”?  Worse than what?  They are applauding themselves for not having a total meltdown.

I would have to agree that barely making it at the Congressional level, while watching the Democratic Party take back the supermajority in Sacramento is not a good thing.

Instead they are blaming “demographics”, Trump on the ballot, lack of money, anything but the lack of will to stand up to Democrats, the losers voting like Democrats on some key policy issues, instead one loser had voted with the unions 65% and wonders why the GOP voters in the District said no.  Literally some county GOP Committee refused to promote the ONLY Republican nominee on the ballot in California Donald Trump.  The others claiming to be Republicans only noted their “preferred” Party was Republican.

How about that? The former assemblymember who voted with the unions 65% of the time was Eric Linder. He deserved to lose, and we need to do better--much better--than untrustworthy RINOs who vote against the best interests of their district and the state.

Trump supporters made it clear—they stood for something, not just election.  Maybe they will give the backbone to the remaining GOP legislators—and the “leadership” that brought us to this point.

Aaron Park gets it.

Arthur Schaper gets it.

The membership of the Beach Cities Republicans get it.

The people who live and move and have their being in this state, who are not paid consultant hacks get it. We need to see Republican legislators and leaders who fight, not take flight.

We like Trump because he's a fighter. He's not afraid of bad press, because he ends up exposing how bad the press really is.

Then check out the article that Frank was introducing--from the left-wing NPR affiliate KPCC

For the past few months, Gala Caprice Cruz has been running the volunteer operation for Donald Trump in northern Los Angeles County.

Cruz sent emails, organized events, and used Facebook to get Trump’s message out in a state that is one of the bluest in the nation.


She had not been very involved in politics, and until last spring had been registered to vote without a party affiliation. But she immersed herself in the Trump campaign, registered as Republican before the primary, then watched her candidate capture the presidency with a stunning win of the electoral vote.

Why did she register as a Republican? FYI, if anyone wanted to vote in the primary for a key presidential candidate, that person had to be registered as a Republican, Democrat, etc. since Prop 14 was a statewide initiative, not a federal initative.

Election Day brought the whirlwind of activity around her to an abrupt halt.

“It’s kind of been a letdown,” she said with a laugh as she and other volunteers lunched recently at the Westfield Valencia Town Center in Santa Clarita.

Santa Clarita  is one of the reddest sections of Los Angeles County. Without that section of the county, the Republican Party would not exist.

Cruz and other Trump supporters are now looking ahead to their next move as they prepare to carry the president-elect’s banner in deep-blue California.

Yes, and I am happy to join them. What will we see ahead for us now that Trump's promises are coming to pass and he is making America Great Again, even in deep blue California?

At least the illegal aliens are starting to flee or lose their minds for the public to see.

Like many Americans around the country, Cruz felt fed up with politics before Trump’s campaign. But Trump delivered a message she connected with: she liked that he talked about bringing back jobs and getting tough on immigration. She also liked his vision for foreign affairs and his plans to lower taxes.

Lowering taxes? Cutting down illegal immigration? There is the recipe for victory, California Republicans! It should not be that hard to follow, now, should it?!

Christine Callender felt that way, too. She and Cruz worked together to rally Trump volunteers and organize events to help the campaign.

Like Cruz, she now sees an opportunity to bring more people into the Republican Party.
“There’s such an energy, such a charge,” she said. “This is the time.”

Energy, change, and time. Donald Trump has motivated otherwise depressed Republicans to step up and fight, even though the state's leadership is fully intent on letting us down deeper into the pit of political, moral, and economic despair.

Cruz has already joined a local Republican women’s group and she has ambitions to help shape the party’s future. She’d like to see the party broaden its reach — to millennials and to people not registered as Republicans.

Republican membership is now on the rise again in California--at least in the volunteer groups.

But what happens when the corrupt central committees spend more time undermining the volunteers whom they depend on?

But not everyone thinks embracing Trump will elevate Republicans in California.

“The situation for Republicans is as grim in California as it is bright outside the state,” said Jack Pitney, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College.

He said since California voters rejected Trump’s brand of Republicanism, there’s a chance that the state party could be hurt, not helped, by embracing Trump’s message.

I attended the February 2017 CAGOP Convention in Sacramento.

The mood was very different We have embraced key portions of hte Trump agenda, and we are not afraid to do so.

Carl DeMaio has affirmed the clear-cut necessity to crack down on illegal immigration, for example. That was a clear message and heart change which he had not manifested during his bid for Congress in 2014.

The state took a separate path from much of the country in the election: California voters opted to legalize recreational marijuana, elect Democrat Kamala Harris to the U.S. Senate, and overwhelmingly back Hillary Clinton for president.

Let's not forget the corrupt role that voter fraud and forced unionism is playing in this state. Voter fraud is a reality, borne out all the more by the state's refusal to allow the federal voter integrity programs to investigate the status of the voter rolls.

Darrell Issa barely made it in 2016--but swept the ground with his Democratic challenger in 2014. What happened in such a short time? I find it very difficult to believe that the registration had flipped as rapidly as the numbers and outcomes would suggest.

California’s growing Latino and Asian populations are growing and that’s a trend Pitney said helps Democrats. Another change: more voters are declaring themselves independents.

They are declaring themselves independents because they see a political party that is more intent on holding onto what little they have rather than fighting hard for something. As far as I am concerned it's time for the state party to be audacious. After all, it's not as though we have anything more to lose.

“[An] increasing number of Californians are registering as decline to state [a party preference], but the election returns indicate the Democrats are doing a better job of mobilizing and attracting those voters,” Pitney said.

No, the corrupt public sector unions are doing a better job of mobilizing and forcing the vote. That's not something to be proud of, by the way.

Down in Long Beach, Republican Bill Thomas walks through his front yard where a Trump sign is neatly planted.

I know Bill Thomas, and I know his son Dan Thomas--he sits on the traffic commission in the city of Torrance.

In this heavily Democratic neighborhood, Thomas said he and his wife Shirley have had their Trump sign stolen three times. This latest one has lasted about five weeks.

It's called "crime", and it's rampant throughout California, especially in illegal-alien ridden Los Angeles County.

Inside his home over tea, Thomas said Trump’s election gives him hope that he and other local Republicans can now “Make California Great Again,” a local version of Trump’s campaign theme.

Awesome! I am completely committed to making California as great as possible, especially as the rest of the country prospers.

Thomas plans to help educate Trump backers on the party’s conservative values and encourage them to stay involved.

Conservative values--that's where the rubber meets the road. Right now, the Republican Party of Los Angeles COunty is more interested in squishing anyone who espouses and advances conservative principles. They are content to go along with barely getting by and losing without a great deal of fanfare.

The good news is that I am meeting more Latino, Asian, and Black voters who to win, and they want their principles to win.

They are not interested in ski color--they took Martin Luther King Jr. at his word in his "I Have a Dream" speech.

“I’m looking into the future, and saying if we want to get California more conservative again then we need this kind of support and enthusiasm,” he said.


He and GOP party leaders in California have their eyes on the 2018 elections when they hope to make gains in the Democrat-controlled state legislature and solidify the Republicans’ hold of Congress.

Please, let's make this happen, especially in Congress.

There are four seats which the National Republican Congressional Committee is targeting. At some point, flipping a seat or two should not be that hard!

The biggest problem hurting GOP chances are:

1. Illegal immigraton

2. Voter Fraud

3. Public sector unionism

These issues can be dealt and dispensed with -- without much trouble by a dedicated federal reforms and intervention. 

We need Jeff Sessions to get busy and get moving as soon as possible!

Thomas’ wife Shirley spent nearly every day working at Trump’s Long Beach headquarters before the election. She wants to see California’s Republican Party grow, too, but she’s not as optimistic about change as her husband.

Yes! I have re-registered four voters so far--five if one counts a long-time conservative who had never bothered to re-register since he would vote Republican anyway.

I told him emphatically that registration is very important. The numbers can strengthen Republican candidates who want to solicit donations. If a donor sees better numbers for a probable win, they are more likely to put in the money.

She said a lot of people she met just weren’t interested in party politics and couldn’t have cared less which party Trump represented. They just liked him.

People and personalities do matter. Trump resonates with working voters, men and women who want a President who does not look down on them, but respects their character and contributions to this great country.

In stark and shameful contrast, the Democratic Party has spent much of its time shaming this country and denouncing the people and the principles which make America great.

“Getting Trump elected was not a Republican election. It was a Trump election,” she said.
Whatever the motivation of Trump supporters, local GOP officials are ready to welcome them into their party ranks.

It's about time. Republicans in positions of party politics need to stop distancing themselves from Trump and embracing his values and his voucher for the American people.

“There are different layers of Trump supporters, and there are many that were never involved in politics,” said Mark Vafiades, chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party. “They want to keep, keep on going and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

This last sentence expsors what is trouble Republican ranks at this time.

Makr "The easael" Vafiades stabbed conservative grassroots activists in the back. He lied to the Beach Cities Republicans, announcing that he would have our charter revoked rather than come clean about the fact that they were cowards who will only do whatever Charles Munger and his illiberal New Majority ilk tell them to do.

That is not the best way to Make California Great Again.

The bad leadership in our moribund central committees is a big part of the reason why we see Los Angeles country still struggling to restore its once pinkish luster as a sometime Republican battleground.

Final Reflection

I respect the concerns which Steve Frank has shared with the California conservative reading public again and again. 

Registration is abysmal and not improving. The leadership in the state party is not strong or aggressive. There is no interest in fighting back and making a difference. The party leaders seem to ahve gotten so used ot losing, that to win is just unheard of.

I don't want to see Democrats hold onto their seats and again anymore. I want to see some Congressional seats flip into GOP hands.

But with the state party struggling to involve local candidates or assist in fundraising, what can anyone of us hope for? Individual candidates have to do all the fundraising now, and they are struggling more and more to raise money as needed to take on the Democratic Machine, both at the state and the federal level.

Would anyone in Republican circles want to donate to the state party right now? At all?! I would donate to Travis Allen, since I see him fighting for what I care about. If Republican candidates, elected officials, and operatives are not willing to fight for what I believe in, why should I donate to them?

And with the RINO Party of Los Angeles County dismissing and blowing off volunteers, why should any of us want to do anything for them?!

The grassroots must become the flowers and the seeds for movement and victory in the next year. Will the rest of the state GOP get with the program and respect our concerns? That change makes all the difference.

Question: Will Donald Trump save the California GOP?

Final Answer: Yes, as long as state party leadership and organizers stay out of their way and assist them in their efforts to Make California Great Again. The men and women who can and do make California Great should not look for leadership or guidance from state or county parties. It has to be a grassroots efforts, with or without the central committees.

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