Sunday, July 2, 2017

Shame Stopped Working, So the Left Has Gone Violent

 “If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.” – Thomas Sowell

Donald Trump won, buttercups; deal with it!

That’s been the message of California’s Trump supporters, as well as the conservatives who have warmed up to his steady stream of successes.

Of course, the growing leftist fashionable fascism has not taken this loss lying down or accepting. Everyone weekend, protests, demonstrations, harassment at the offices of Republican Congressman. Town halls have become a weekly staple throughout Southern California. 90% of the attendees are left-wing, enraged social justice hacks—many of whom are either retired, living off unemployment, or welfare queens content to vote rather than work for a living.

These events are mobilizing progressives to turn California bluer, a strong bulwark against Trump, or to facilitate the secession of California.

A new argument has emerged among these SJWs: It's time to get violent

Before he went full atheist and anti-Trump, George Will offered welcome insights into the advancement of Western Life and culture. He reported on an incredible charter school program in Chicago (yes, even in the Windy City, there is hope.) Young Hispanic male students were instructed in the welcome verities of American culture. Instead of looking down with weak handshakes, these young Latino charges were taught to offer one firm assurance with clear eye contact. They learned proper English, they received clear training and respect for American culture and values, with a professional outlook for their career and their lives too come.

The moral of the account? The charter school program did not run away from Americanism to embrace a desiccated, confusing, and ultimately dysfunctional multiculturalism. With the rise of Donald Trump, and the broadening flock of conservative alternative media, it’s become easier to state the obvious: The West is the Best. Breitbart, Paul Joseph Watson, and even has underscored the need to embrace and restore our Judeo-Christian heritage.

And in California, this fight has become central to the debate over illegal immigration.
For the three months leading up to Election 2016, La Raza activists joined forced with Muslim radicals and open-border proponents to turn California into the long-standing bastion of left-wing activism against ... reality itself.

It's turned into a major failure. Even the Democratic Supermajority cannot push the single-payer insanity that the Bernie-crat left is demanding unceasingly. The little children in adult bodies have failed to understand that nothing in life is free. Someone will have to pay for it. Why not allow men and women more choice rather than more costs?

And that's not the only progressive political perversion taking over the California Democratic Party.

The latest fad, which has turned into a fantastic fantasy among La Raza activists and Reconquista proponents, argues that the Southwestern United States, from the California Coast to Colorado then sweeping South to the Rio Grande, all belongs to Mexico, which in turn belongs to the “indigenous” people.

No, they are not. In fact, such a hateful, mindless disdain for human history affirms that American citizens are going to fight harder, ensuring that this country retains its true and final character: American, true to the rule of law and the Anglo-Saxon tradition of limited government and individual liberty.

The Left has relied on shaming opponents for the last three decades with the whole identity politics and victimization cards. All of these tricks and devices are falling apart, especially as more young people learn for themselves about American history, and as young adults experience the deleterious consequences of socialism.

Shame no longer works. The Saul Alinksy playbook is all played out

So what's left? Violence.

Be prepared, and be ready to fight.

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