Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cudahy Special Meeting at 1pm? On Tuesday?!

After the Single-Payer protest at Speaker Anthony Rendon's office, I drove over to the Cudahy City Council meeting.

I have to see what is going on in "sanctuary city" Cudahy.

On Tuesdays, June 27th, 6th sheriff's deputies were on hand.

As soon as I walked up, another sheriff's cruiser drove up.

There were a few people in the city council meeting.

Reminder--this was a special session which opened at 1pm in the afternoon.


And of course, my best friend Edin "Americans are Wetbacks" Enamorado was there.

He wasn't too happy to see me there for some reason ...

Maybe it's the fact that my hat has sweat stains on it. I did get a new hat. Maybe if Edin tells me to wash my car next, I will get a new car, too!

Here's a video covering the first four minutes of my entry into the city council meeting:

Notice the big signs telling everyone not to  make noise.

Only three councilmembers bothered to show up!

They want to work on the budget, which is the single most important role of any city council or governing board.

They decided to hold the meeting at 1pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday?

Right after their city council meeting the night before, too.

These men are so corrupt.

How do they sleep at night? Probably with a lot of drinking and drugs, no doubt.

Be quiet or else!

And of course, Edin followed me out to try and start something:


But that's OK.

The cruisers were still out there.

That means they would prevent the young Brown supremacist haters from hurting others, right?


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