Friday, October 28, 2016

John Paul Tabakian, and the Corruption of Republican Millennials

I have wanted to follow Assemblyman David Hadley's model to the greatest degree possible.

Unity of the political center and the political right is a necessity for bringing back political balance to the state of California.

And yet, within the Republican Party of California, there are subversive elements which have no interest in unity.

They are not promoting local candidates.

They are not raising money or making phone calls for candidates.

They are resolutely committed to pushing an aberrant agenda, one which will hurt the society and culture which the Republican Party wants to save.

Los Angeles County is the largest county--by population--in the country.

It is worth our while to start taking back territory, rather than succumbing to a culture gone weak in the knees and soft in the head.

Indeed, conservatives need to reach out to the younger generation.

They need to lay down clear principles.

We need to stop caving to the culture, and start shaping.

This is the crucial divide in many institutions, especially the Republican Party of Los Angeles County.

And one figurehead in the movement to drift with the left-leaning trends of our society?

John Paul Tabakian.

He supports along boys to go into girls' bathrooms in public schools.

He has no interest in standing up to the gay marriage, pro-abortion onslaught overwhelming the march through the institutions.

He is a major proponent of illegal aliens and amnesty.

This issue has particulary hurt a number of young Republicans and conservatives in the LA area.

But in more ways than just disappointment.

He has been twisting the minds of a number of active--or at least interested--millenials in the Los Angeles area.

Who knows what he promises them, although legislative staffers and group leaders have informed me that he is all talk, all hot air promises, but has never really delivered on anything.

He had induced Omar Navarro to attack elected officials and residents in the city of Torrance.

He very likely led him to attack me and others personally, too.

Omar Navarro and I have since repaired any setbacks, and sources tell me that Tabakian tried to get back into Omar's good graces, now that his influence and opportunities have expanded working with the Beach Cities Republicans.

Omar Navarro now sits as Second VP because the previous Second VP, Damien McDowell, was caught up in the left-leaning dissimulation of Tabakian and Co.

Damien McDowell

Check out this video in which, McDowell made a sad attempt to stage some sort of a coup against me and the rest of the club.

The members of the club booed and shooed them out, along with me.

It was a shameful display to push a left-wing agenda, and starting with trying to have me removed as President.

The good news is that my support from within the club and toward pushing for a panoply of true-red conservative ideals has attracted more people to join the club and for more people to get involved and ensure a conservative resurgence in the South Bay and throughout Los Angeles County.

More young people have joined the Beach Cities Republicans, too, including the President of two local College Republican clubs!

I now have to mention another conservative corrupted by the leftward trend of Tabakian's empty promises:

Joseph Lopez

Joseph Lopez.

He headed the Rebel Alliance at Los Angeles County Harbor College during his junior college days. He looked up to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as examples to follow. He had an impressive road ahead of him, and I submit that he still does.

But with hucksters like Tabakian, young people will find that they hear a lot of ear candy, but see little of substance to follow.

He recorded the above video, and notice how he turned the camera down and then shut it off as soon as I and others reacted negatively to their perverse behavior. He was probably not expecting someone to stand up to them and their shameful behavior.

But we did.

Lopez is now carrying water for this WestCal Academy experiment, working with La Raza, liberal Democrats who embrace corrupt ideas.

What a shame.

Other Millennials in the region are taking in the left-wing rhetoric on immigration and family issues, too, and drifting into "progressive" status, as if there are no consequences to our country, California, or our country.

This young man had promise and potential, too.

He was running for Congress, but bottomed out in fourth place! I even donated money to his campaign:

Christopher Castilo

Christopher Castillo

Yes, yes, he ran on a platform of "immigration reform." I did not agree with every proposal, yet I recognized his decision to run as a Republican in the 44th Congressional district as a welcome opportunity.

Then after his loss, I noticed his commiseration with left-leaning groups like the Log Cabin Republicans (a group whichi has in one of its planks a goal out of step with the entire party platform: homosexual marriage).

He also wanted to play nice with Democratic leaders like Jimmy Gow.

He  also refused to support the club and denounce the abusive tactics of Tabakian and Co.

Then he went all in with Tabakian's deceptions and this WestCal nonsense.

I say with some sorrow, how very disappointing all of this is.

Millennials need outreach, absolutely, and they need to know that they can--and should--play a large role in the Republican Party.

But any political party which wants to see American values, fiscal discipline, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness prosper cannot embrace abortion, homosexual marriage, open borders, gun control, and other left-wing regressive values.

The notion that caving on these issues will make the GOP brand stronger in our state is misguided at best, and immoral at worst.

Yet right now, this debilitating spirit of compromise is hurting our state, our country, and the next generation, and corrupters like Tabakian embrace this perversion and are taking up young people with this dissimulation.

This must cease, and it's time to fight for our shared Judeo-Christian values, and take courage to demonstrate to all ages, particularly young people, that life, marriage, family are not inimical but essential to individual liberty.

Final Reflection

One month after the failed stunt at the March2 016 Bach Cities Reublicans meeting, I confronted Tabakian, McDowell, and Lopez.

Tabakian tried to play the race card, and failed. He then tried to stop me from speaking when I called out the criminal behavior of enabling illegal aliens to work in political campaigns.

McDowell was next. I asked him why he could not speak to me about his concerns on key issues. He made excuses, claiming that he had argued for a more "progressive" approach for the club.

Not true.

He had only claimed that "Millennials are more progressive" at one meeting, to which I replied that not all young people are embracing such left-wing ideas, and that we should not abandon fighting for what is right.

Then I looked at Lopez. As I had mentioned before, he was the President of the Harbor College Rebel Alliance. I reminded him that he had invited me to speak to the club, and that I was the only white person in the room. How could I possibly be racist or extremist?

He had no nerve, no courage, but looked away and admitted: "I can't say anything."

He could not, because he was wrong for what he and the others had done to me and the club.

This encounter is instructive, pointing out how so many young people are looking for leadership, and now finding enough of it among conservatives. They still need a rigorous training to stand up for what is right, and it's time for all of us to lead by example and then encouragement.

And to expose the corruption and immorality of left-leaning opportunists like John Paul Tabakian.

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