Saturday, July 1, 2017

So Much Winning: Gorsuch Just Like Scalia (Even the LA Times Said So)

The Los Angeles Times is just the West Coast version of the liberal New York Times.

They want to print the news that fits ... their narrative.

Yet even then, they can't help but recognize that his appointment of Neil Gorsuch was not only a big win, but that he is in every way just like Justice Scalia.

Scalia and his successor Gorsuch (Credit: Daily Signal)

Isn't this incredible!

Check out what I found in the Wednesday, June 28th edition of the LA Times:

You know the liberal media is in a tailspin when they have to acknowledge that their most hated target, President Donald Trump, is fulfilling his promises to the American People.

Specifically, the above commentary points out that most justices are not easy to pinpoint when it comes to their governing and judicial ruling style.

All of that has been pushed aside over the past two months. Commentators not realize that Gorsuch is in every way like Scalia. He is issuing conservative, constitutionalist opinions, based on a clear, erudite understanding of the rule of law.

For example, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court let stand a decision which would allow states to record same-sex parents on the birth certificates of children.


Who dissented in the opinion? Alito, Thomas ... and Gorsuch!

He is a clear, distinguished, constitutionalist voice on the United States Supreme Court, and he is not afraid to dissent with the minority view if needed. He also issued concurring opinions on the travel ban, as he though that the whole executive order should have been upheld.

So much winning! SO MUCH WINNING!

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