Friday, July 7, 2017

Santa Ana Residents Hate Anti-American "Brown" Supremacist "Wacky" Jackie Cordova

Jackie Cordova has been fully exposed to the reading, viewing public:

She hollered at Americans who were celebrating this wonderful country and its history.

Her screaming and yelling frightened children.

She was harassing men and women.

Check out her hateful, disgraceful behavior below:


Her corrupt crew and she disrupted a peaceful, family-friendly event in Santa Ana.

Then I received the following tip from a concerned Santa Ana resident:

Jackie Cordova is referred to as “Wacky Jackie” by residents in Santa Ana because of her craziness. Several people who have interacted with her in the past all have a crazy story to tell about her, and she constantly pushes people away who at one time agreed with her.

As you are already aware, she is a white girl who grew up in Illinois and moved to Santa Ana at 19. She was married to a Latino guy named Rudy who owns Café Calacas in Downtown Santa Ana.

Wow! She's not even "Brown" or Hispanic.

Incredible! What a racist!

Here is information about the cafe mentioned above:

One of the people who helped start the Recall Pulido campaign (Robert Oliver married to former Santa Ana city council member Angie Amezcua) stopped working on the recall supposedly because of Jackie.

She also attacks City Council members even when they offer to help her.

What a nut job! 

Wacky Jackie!

City Council member Salvador Tinajero contacted her after she asked for help to raise funds to pay for a young Army veteran who was killed. Sal contacted Jackie but she never got back to him and then attacked him on Facebook. Here are screen shots from her Facebook showing the interaction.

Here was Wacky Jackie's shoddy attempt to help a veteran:

Open Borders Sal Tinajero offered to help with the burial expenses, but Wacky Jackie wanted to be a self-serving drama queen instead:

She even made a post on Facebook telling everyone that City Council member Vincent Sarmiento was out of the country on vacation with his family for about a month. How unsafe was that to tell someone’s personal business on Facebook and that they are not home for a month so burglars could take advantage?

Feel free to use this info but I would appreciate if you would not say where it came from.

Let's just say a little angel reported on creepy devil Jackie!

What do you think of these hateful antics?

Why not give her a call?
(714) 333-6160

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