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BREAKING: San Diego UT Reports on Illegal Alien Oceanside Minister About to Be Deported (What's Going On?)

We are a nation of laws.

We are not a nation where elected officials can pick and choose which laws apply vs. which laws do not apply.

Check out the latest sob story from the Los Angeles Times, providing a boo-hoo account for one illegal alien. What makes his "plight" noteworthy for the amnesty propagndizing LA Times?

1. He's a minister

2. He's a Trump supporter.


What;s going on? He was detained by ICE on May 31.

We are only hearing about this story now?!

Here is a progressive radio speaker:

Here's another video, following from the Univision report, which was published before the San Diego Union-Tribune story:

An Oceanside minister supported Trump. Now, he's getting deported

Pastor Jorge Ramirez (second from Left)
Jorge Ramirez, an Oceanside minister and immigrant who is in the country illegally, didn’t think he would end up in line for deportation when he encouraged his U.S. citizen daughter to vote for now-President Trump.

In an interview at the Otay Mesa Detention Center, Ramirez — who said he holds conservative religious beliefs and considers himself a Republican — explained that Border Patrol agents picked him up after staking out his house early one May morning.

He considers himself a Republican, but he cannot vote, he cannot register to vote, and he is not even a legal resident.

Ramirez said he does not know why he was targeted for removal from the U.S. The Trump administration has said that it is focusing on immigrants with criminal records and those who previously have been ordered deported. Ramirez said he falls into neither category.

If you have entered this country illegally, you are a criminal.

“Trump said, ‘Let’s keep all the good people here and all the bad people out,’” Ramirez said.

Question: when did Trump ever say that? When?!

He has never said that. Trump had promised to repeal DACA, too--which by the way should have been done by now!

I do recall Attorney General Jeff Sessions declaring clearly and succinctly: "If you are in this country illegally, you are subject to deportation."

We are a nation of laws, not a nation of discretion and arbitrary enforcement.

“That’s great, but I’m here,” Ramirez said of his detention. “I’m not saying I’m the best person in the world, but I’ve tried to live a good life.”

The rule of law is not about being a good person.

It's about respect the rule of law because that ensure equity before all, and no favoritism.

He said he supports the Republican agenda on both fiscal and social issues and that he still supports Trump.


“Everything that he’s said against immigrants — it’s not that I’m in favor, but bad people don’t belong here,” Ramirez said. “In order to make America great, you have to have people contributing to this country.”

It's about the rule of law, not good people, bad people. This dynamic is clouding the proper understanding of our immigration policy. Illegal is illegal, regardless of any good works that an illegal alien has done in this country.

Ramirez said he also encouraged his youngest daughter to volunteer with the campaign of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista).

That one volunteer among others determined the difference between loss and success for Issa, no doubt.

Immigrant rights groups denounce new ICE policy that targets parents of child migrants
Ramirez came to the U.S. with his family when he was 11 and was raised in San Diego County. In high school, he joined the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps for the Marines, and when the Gulf War began, he tried to enlist. The military would not accept him because of his immigration status, he said.

Of course they did not accept Ramirez. He was not a citizen! He was in the country illegally.

“I’m USA all the way,” Ramirez said. “It’s that American spirit. It just gets into you.”

When he worked as a satellite television technician, he frequently went to Camp Pendleton. He always tried to show the Marines he encountered how grateful he was for their service, he said.

“They sacrifice so much for freedom and for us,” he said.

Yes, they did. What creates this culture of liberty? Rule of law.

The issue he has with the way immigration policy is being implemented, he said, is that he’s seen good people in detention.

I am so tired of this tired of this "good illegal alien" and "bad illegal alien."

Illegal is illegal.

“To think that undeserving people are coming here makes me sad,” Ramirez said.

There is no such thing as "deserving", especially when someone

Ramirez believes that going to immigration detention is part of God’s plan for him. He prayed for a way to sort out his immigration status not long before he was arrested by Border Patrol.

So, Ramirez was arrested by border patrol? What was he doing at the border?

Inside the facility, he’s been counseling and supporting other detainees with a message of hope and love, he said. Ramirez has spent his life as part of the Apostolic Church, where he is a music minister.

Hmm ... with all the time that this man spent as an illegal alien in the country, including the training to become a music minister, why did he not take steps to resolve his immigration status? Why did he not take steps to become at the very least a legal resident?

Ramirez had hoped to get released on bond at an immigration court hearing Thursday. His three children, all U.S. citizens, came with Juan Hernandez, the pastor for their church, to watch. They prayed in the waiting room.

His attorney, Ruben Salazar, said he felt positive about Ramirez’s potential for bond and for getting relief from deportation when he presents his full case in immigration court.

“He’s the kind of immigrant America seeks to have,” Salazar said.

Not if they enter the country illegally!

As the family was escorted into the courtroom, Judge David Anderson was telling Salazar that he would need more time to read through the 210-page packet Salazar had submitted to show Ramirez’s ties to his community. It included several letters of support, records of Ramirez’s tax filings, his school achievements and awards his children have won.

The rule of law is not about compassion but about ... the rule of law.

Anderson rescheduled the hearing for August, so Ramirez will have to wait in detention at least six more weeks.

Final Reflection

What is going here?

Jorge Ramirez was arrested by border control agents on My 31.

The NBC Universal affiliate in San Diego reported this information two days ago. Click here for more information.

Why are we learning about this account now?

What do we know about the circumstances surrounding his detention and upcoming court hearing before final deportation?

The Spanish media provided us the following information (through translation):

"Jorge Ramirez-Navarrete was arrested by the US Border Patrol on May 31, 2017, after agents established that he resided illegally in the United States and determined that he had no pending immigration petition in his name," Mark Endicott told Univision News, agent of the federal dependency in San Diego.

However, the agency did not offer answers as to why an immigrant without a criminal record ended up in the sights of the federal authorities.

Then the report ends up answering its on question:

In a report in The San Diego Union Tribune, the Spaniard's wife reported that her husband had been signed by immigration authorities in December 2016. Her husband's status came to light when he attempted to file permits The company where he worked, explained Silvia Ramirez to the newspaper.

Ramirez Navarrete lost his job and was arrested at that time, but after the passage of 24 hours was released, as under the immigration laws of the Obama administration his case was not a priority. However, Donald Trump's arrival at the White House has marked a change in the immigration guidelines and priorities followed by federal agency agents such as ICE and the Border Patrol.

He was trying to get permits for his business?


How could this guy expect to get anything of the kind as an illegal alien?!


Something is not adding up.

Where exactly did the border patrol agents pick up Ramirez? Did they come to his home?

The different reports have outlined that he committed no crime--WRONG!

He resided in the country without legal status--he had come into the country illegally--that is unlawful presence, and that is a crime.

More to come on this very strange story ...

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  1. When your first step on American soil is in violation of the law, you are not only an Illegal Alien, you are a Criminal. We are a nation of laws and Gov. Brown, or any other, cannot pick and choose which laws he will adhere to because they canter to his favor.

    Americans for Americans First and AMERICA FIRST!!!