Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Success! Oxnard Backs Away from Sanctuary City Status (Extended Report)

President Trump has supporters all over the state of California.

Just because Hillary Clinton carried the state does not mean that the Golden State is only blue territory.

No chance. Patriots in Ventura County are speaking out against the illegal alien menace overrunning the state of California, and it's infiltrated our state and local governments.

Ventura County patriots showed up in force to give the Oxnard City Council a massive wake-up call.

Here is the entire video of my attendance at the Oxnard City Council meeting:

So many events transpired at the meeting, and there were so many great people that I got to connect with. There were also the angry leftists and Brown Supremacists who tried to cause trouble or agitate  me, but I was not going to let them intimidate me!

Deborah Baber dressed up as Lady Liberty and lead the charge to stop the sanctuary city status designation for Oxnard. She and others informed me about the meeting, and I was more than happy to race up and show my support with California's citizenry.

Then this ex-marine named Greer showed up and got all up in my face:

Greer the Orange Menace

This man was hostile and delusional, although he softened up when I demonstrated my support for veterans and for the homeless in Oxnard. Over and over he harassed and attacked Donald Trump. He called the President "The Orange Menace", but it more accurately described him in my opinion.

Shameful. Later in the meeting, I had to tell him to be quiet because he was disrupting the meeting. One of the police officers encouraged Greer to move to the back of the room. Looking over the video, I hope that you notice that no matter how much hatred of unjust vitriol he threw at  me, I kept forcing him to explain his responses or expound his views. He got clearly flustered.

Another lady behind me shouted "Shut your mouth!"

Not only did I refuse, but I called her out for her abusive behavior.

Deborah was there to shame her for her disrespectful behavior, too.

The city council chambers filled up pretty quickly. I noticed that most of the people held signs which read "Oxnard Sanctuary City", all funded by the Service Employees International Union:

It's shameful that the public sector union lobby spends our tax dollars, collected through forced union dues, to undermine our nation's sovereignty and the rule of law. The union leaders should come clean and admit that they are hurting the wages of their employees as the increase the low-skilled as well s high-skilled labor force with mass immigration.

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, either, as American citizens have been killed by illegal aliens--at least an average of 20 per day, from criminal elements who never should have been in the country to begin with.

Deborah Barer Savella was there in full Lady Liberty attire:

Before the residents of the city addressed the agenda item, the Community Relations Commission rolled out their reasons for bringing forward the agenda item. Since when did any commission have the authority to propose agenda items, especially when in league with treasonous groups like CAUSE (Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy) or  La Raza Activist groups who want 
illegal immigration at all costs?

A city exists for citizens, not for illegals, not for law breakers.

So many individual incidents of note occurred, that I may write out  of sequence on some of the issues 
which occurred.

At the outset of my arrival, I ran into Bernie-acs and other liberals who were more interested in trying
to silence me rather than allow for open discussion. One hideous lady behind told me "Shut your mouth!"

She wasn't used to someone talking back, apparently.

Another lady recognized me from the Ventura County for Trump rally in early March. She tattled on me to the Chief of police, but he just waved her off.

Check out the assistant Chief of Police below:

He told me not agitate other people. That was very offensive. He needed to tell other people to watch what they say and do as well.

This old lady, a La Raza activist, and the wife of one of the previous Oxnard mayors kept trying to get me in trouble. I was making quiet comments into my camera during the live feed. She kept trying to make a stink about it, but I refused to be bullied.

Deborah "Lady Liberty" wrote her a few notes encouraging her to move to another row, right next to her if she wanted. Strangely, Mrs. Flores (I believe that is her name), refused to answer respectfully, and at one point ripped up the letter and threw it on the ground!

So much for respecting the city council chambers!

Another rude lady behind me kept telling me to get out of her space, but I would not allow her to shut me down, either. Most people watching the live feed called her "Cat Lady".

I had to push back against her discomfort a few times.

Since when does he get to tell me that I cannot raise my hands or show support for certain causes?

So, there you have the crazy cast of characters--and the few good ones--whom I encountered in Oxnard.

Hector Moreno, a Mexican immigrant and American citizen, vocally opposed the sanctuary city proposal. He brought forth the welcome retorts to many of the amnesty panderers and open border activists, which run along the following lines: What would  happen to me if I went into Mexico expecting the same rights and privileges as I have here?

Moreno, a staucnh "No" on sanctuary cities

Other residents in the Ventura area spoke out against any form of sanctuary city status, too.

It was an impressive turnout, one which exceeded any expectations.

Most of the people who spoke out in favor of the sanctuary city ordinance were students at the local high schools or college-age activists of some kind. The posters were provided by the uber-leftist Service Employees International Union, too. Reminder, folks--these posters, the union members are public sector unions. Their money is our money, taxpayer dollars, and they use the funding to promote illegal immigration and protect illegal aliens instead of hard-working citizens.

Following all the remarks from public comment, the Oxnard City Council discussed among themselves the proposed ordinance. The Mayor was missing, and many in the audience surmised that he was gone in order to avoid a contentious vote. Councilman MacDonald offered a "Safe City" resolution, the text of which was very difficult to follow.

Bert Perrello read distinct statements indicated that he would not support any kind of sanctuary city resolution. In fact, he read an extended set of remarks outlining his clear opposition to undermining the efforts of local and country law enforcement.

Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez offered the falsest, most offensive and outrageous comments. She made frequent references to the fact that none of us would have food on our tables, specifically strawberries, if

The final vote was 3-1 for the city to become a "Safe City."

For some reason, the SEIU bought and paid for protesters cheered that the city had become "Sanctuary" for illegal aliens. No it didn't!

Here's what the photo above should read:

After the discussion and final vote on the "Safe City" ordinance--which had been hastily prepared and submitted to the city council one hour before a previous city council meeting began--the city council  members took a 10 minute recess.

Shame on you, Carmen!

At that time, I confronted Councilwoman Ramirez and called her a disgrace. She told me to leave.

Arthur, please go away!
With that, the Assistant Chief of Police tried to get me out of the city council chambers. Neither the Mayor Pro Tem nor the Asst. Police Chief had the right or the authority to have me removed. Not at all.

I refused to leave, of course, and the Chief of Police told his assistant to back off. Another victory!

Another guy came up to me and lectured me that "We have been here longer than you have." Another Brown Supremacist claiming that anyone who is not a direct descendant of American Indians does not belong on the territory. This insanity ran rampant among the pro-sanctuary crowd in the city council meeting.

Because I had the chance, I went up to Councilman Perrello and thanked him for his vote against any kind of sanctuary city nonsense:

After the 10 minute recess. the city council reconvened for general public comment.

I was the second speaker, and I really laid into Carmen, calling her a "bigot", then I stormed out of the meeting.

Final Reflection

The desperation of the sanctuary city Left has hit a new low.

They are desperate to show any kind of step toward whatever they want, as long as they can harass and overwhelm local governing boards. Oxnard was their latest target. I had no idea how much the labor unions, particularly the public sector unions, were bankroolling this officious agenda..

Despite initial reservations, I am glad that I attended. Antonio Foreman, who lives in the Thousand Oaks area, was really pleased that I was making waves and pushing back against illegal immigration in his backyard.

Another shock: Perrello is a left-wing Democrat, a Bernie Sanders delegate, and yet he vocally opposed any kind of sanctuary city policy and even voted down the "Safe City" proposal. Incredible but true. I wish that more Republicans in California and throughout the country had the same kind of clear convictions about illegal immigration, particularly on sanctuary cities.

Everyone who was motivated to get there to oppose the move welcomed me there.

Even the Ventura County Star featured me during the public comment about the sanctuary city proposal:

Despite the best efforts for the Sanctuary City Left to paint the Oxnard City Council meeting as a victory, it was a major defeat, as well as a clear example of the increasingly delusional elements taking over their movement.

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