Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We the People Rising: Pro Illegal DACA RAGE at Rep. Royce's Office

We The People Rising
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Pro Illegal DACA Protest @ Rep Ed Royce's Office

8/15/17 Brea, CA District Office 
Report by Robin Hvidston

VIDEO: The pro illegal DACA groups RAGED in front of Republican Rep Ed Royce's office yet, view at about 6 minutes in the video, police scold Trump Supporters.

Eleven States have launched a lawsuit demanding that the federal government rescind Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, by September 5, 2017. Nationwide, on August 15, 2017, pro illegal DACA groups protested members of congress, and Rep Ed Royce's district office in Brea was one of the congress members targeted.


Trump Supporters staged in front of Rep Ed Royce's office and were in place to greet the Pro Illegal DACA groups when they marched from a nearby location to the district office. In the past, Rep Ed Royce was a champion in the fight against illegal immigration; however, because of redistricting creating a more Democrat leaning district and the pressure applied continually by open border groups, basically, Rep Ed Royce seeks to avoid the topic of immigration.

NOTE: Rep Ed Royce currently has a "C" NumbersUSA Immigration Report Card.  Before the redistricting occurred, his NumbersUSA grade was consistently a solid "A."

The man above wearing the "I am Undocumented" shirt mouthed off at Arthur Schaper and basically bragged about being illegal. However, when Arthur Schaper asked for his name and said that he would report him to Attorney General Jeff Session, the man, literally, ran away and disappeared into the crowd of pro illegal DACA groups. 

Trump Supporters in front of Rep Ed Royce's district office.

Before the pro illegal groups arrived, Trump Supporters hand delivered a petition and presented it to Rep Ed Royce's staff, informing him that the people demand immigration laws be enforced and that DACA should not be renewed.

LET REP ED ROYCE KNOW YOU OPPOSE DACA and call for DACA to NOT be renewed. Tell him congress must secure the border, enforce the law - deport!

Ed Royce

(202) 225-4111

(714) 255-0101

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