Friday, August 18, 2017

Open Letter to US Senate Republicans: Fire McConnell

Dear U.S. Senate Republicans:
I'm writing to urge you to take immediate steps to replace Senator Mitch McConnell as the Republican Leader. 

With unified Republican control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, we finally have the opportunity to enact bold reforms to save our great country. Unfortunately, Senator McConnell has been unable to keep the party's campaign promises.

Instead of accepting responsibility for his failures like good leaders do, Senator McConnell is making excuses and criticizing others for having unrealistic expectations – expectations that he himself set over the past several years. 

Senate Republicans need a new leader who is passionate about conservative principles, who is not beholden to special interests, and who can effectively communicate our ideas and bring Republicans together to drain the swamp.

Replacing McConnell won't be easy, but sometimes we need to set friendships aside to do what is best for the country. This is one of those times and I urge you to elect a new leader before any more time is wasted.

Mr. Arthur Schaper

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