Saturday, August 19, 2017

RPLAC Still Silent on Cheating Chad Mayes: Why?

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County has turned into another agent of stagnation and wasted opportunities.

The Orange County Republicans are getting busy. They work to register voters.

They are hitting the pavement to get rid of Josh Newman, the state senate Democrat who should have never won SD-27 in the first place.

Let's talk about how San Diego's Republican Party demanded a motion of censure against Chad Mayes and are pushing for his ouster.

Cheating Chad is finding that there are fewer friends willing to rally around him. What a complete betrayal of principles, and such disastrous behavior does not win friends.

And yet ... where is the Republican Party of Los Angeles County?

Why haven't they moved on this issue?

Check out all the CAGOP Central Committees who have demanded Mayes' ouster:

But where is the Republican Party of Los Angeles County?

Why are they silent on this matter?

I have heard from two central committees -- AD 50 and AD 55 -- have already passed their own resolutions.

What about RPLAC?

I wonder why indeed they are taking their time ...

Andy Gimme-Candy, Cheating Chad, and Howard Fakes
All part of the New Permanent Minority

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