Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rundown On Who Voted How on Cap-N-Traitor Mayes

Here we go, folks.

So, who voted how on the fate of Cheating Chad Mayes, the Cap-N-Traitor who robbed voters by an unprecedented $1 more per gallon for gas?

The CAGOP Board Voted as follows:
Jim Brulte: AYE
Kristen Olsen: NAY
Deborah Wilder: NAY
Mario Guerra: NAY
McCully: NAY
Dennis Revell: AYE
Sue Caro: NAY
Rob Bernosky: AYE
Joy Stewart: AYE
Steve Fazio: AYE
Dave Wilmon: NAY
Mike McClellan: AYE
Mike Osborn: AYE
Pat Bates: AYE
Chad Mayes: NAY
Dianne Harkey: AYE
Harmeet Dhillon: AYE
Shawn Steel: AYE
Tony Krvaric: AYE
Tom Ross – ABS
Tom DelBecarro: AYE
Final Tally: 13-7-1
The CRP Executive Board has 22 people, but Congressman Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) was unavailable since he was out of the country.
The final voter turnout was better than expected. I had heard that the vote was 13-9.
I made my point loud and clear to Chairman Jim Brulte at a meeting last Thursday with the South Bay Impact Republicans.

At least one Republican in Northern California, Tom Del Becarro. voted to remove Mayes.
Oh, how can I forget Harmeet Dhillon, too! So much good news! Maybe, just maybe Northern and Southern California Republicans can bridge the gaps and work together to Make California Great Again. Yes, I am really starting to like Harmeet. A San Francisco Republican who acts like a Tea Party conservative--hell has frozen over.
Steve Fazio, the state senate candidate to replace Fran Pavley, has also replaced Mark "The Weasel"" Vafiades, and now serves as the regional Vice Chairman for Los Angeles County. This man voted against Mayes, too. So much winning!
And now for the losers ...
It's no surprise that Cheating Chad and Kreepy Kristin voted no. They have been in bed together on just about everything. They cheat on their spouses, they cheated on the California taxpayers, and they cheated on their fellow Republicans. They slept with third-house special interests in Sacramento, too.
My two biggest disappointments fall on Sue Caro and Mario Guerra.
I have never been so disaffected by their perverse decision to support and stand by Cheating Chad and reject any decision to support this Cap-N-Betrayal.
Unbelievable. Caro actually defended the Cap and Trade program, in large part to carry water for left-wing RINO Catharine Baker.
But Mario? He is supposed to be the consummate conservative, the deacon for his local Catholic Church in Downey, CA!
How could this happen?!

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