Tuesday, August 29, 2017

VICTORY! Unjust Charges Dropped Against Concealed-Carry Permit Holder in Cudahy

On June 26, 2017,  a group of hostile members of the Defend Movement swarmed a vehicle in a local gas station in the city of Cudahy.

The driver of the vehicle, retired parole officer and veteran Tom Green, was attempting to leave the city following a very contentious city council meeting in the city of Cudahy.

Tom and the four passengers with him, along with other conservative activists in Southern California, have been attending the Cudahy city council meetings for the past year and a half, protesting the unlawful sanctuary city policy enacted by Mayor Chris Garcia in 2015.

Because of the imminent threats from the Defend protesters--themselves involved in other immoral and heinous acts like disrupting council meetings and abusing children---Green drew out his firearm to ward off the potential assailants.

Check out the video below:

Here's the full report from Fox 11 News:

The Fox 11 report detailed how the pro-sanctuary protesters were yelling at Green and his fellow passengers while surrounding the car.

Reminder: Tom Green is a concealed-carry permit holder.

He had ever right to draw out his firearm to protect himself and the passengers with him.

What is the point of the Second Amendment if a citizen cannot exercise this right?

Instead of respecting the rights of Green and  his passengers to protect themselves, check out how the LA County Sheriff's department responded:

21 sheriff's deputies overwhelmed the gas station with firearms drawn.


They subjected the members of the car to unprecedented shame and infamy. Everyone in the vehicle was forced to kneel down on the ground, then submit to search and detainment.

Two people from the team were arrested and removed to the East Los Angeles jail.

I ended up picking up Green at the jail. One deputy at the scene had hoped to have them released soon, but the supervising officer overruled that decision.

I ended up picking up Tom Green at the center around 12 midnight. He was formally charged with a misdemeanor: brandishing a firearm.

The Defend Movement sanctuary city advocates repeatedly attempted to play up Green's lawful action as a criminal act. Click here.

Not only were they wrong, but they were lying.

The liars include:

1. Alan Garcia, who has a history of violent acts in the city council meetings. He assaulted a female named Pamela Mungia, who filed a restraining order against him.

He also assaulted me at the April 2017 re-installation meeting.

The sheriff's deputy had to hold him back:

Last year, he kept shouting "Shut up, Arthur!" then the presiding sheriff's official forced him out after another aggressive outburst against me.

He ripped the hat off my head at the last Cudahy city council meeting, and had to be removed.

2. Edin Enamorado, who publicly slandered a black man as a pedophile, and has routinely resorted to the race card while defending the irrepressibly corrupt Chris Garcia and the other three corrupted city council members.

Check out his abusive interrogation against me last month:


He nearly beat down a man outside of the Cudahy City council chambers (on Clara Street) last month:

3. Chris Garcia, mayor of Cudahy.

He has routinely to white supremacy remarks and hatred of immigrants as a means to cover up his corrupt agenda, including the lawlessness of imposing marijuana dispensary zones and sanctuary city policies, all of which has nothing to do with ensuring proper uality care and public safety for the taxpaying citizens of Cudahy.

They have no intention of reporting the truth, but rather smearing patriots and law enforcement advocates who want to see this country's immigration laws followed.

I have just received news from Tom Green that the District Attorney declined to file charges against Tom!

This is a huge victory!

Shame on the City of Cudahy and the pro illegal alien Cuda-haters who tried to shame and frame good people, especially retired parole officer Tom Green!


  1. Yet another false charge from the illegal city of Cudahay. They keep trying and they keep losing and that is called justice.

    1. opposition's video of the incident (very damaging)


  2. Thank you very much for your news letter and reporting.

  3. You're awesome Arthur. Just read your follow-up article (blog) on the same subject with video attachment. Ruthless thugs. Enjoyed reading comments too in this follow-up article (see below link). Very compelling. How did they (thugs) get away with this rushing up on a vehicle yelling & screaming. Weird. Crazy. Glad no one got hurt or killed. I think if the thugs had been armed, Mr. White Guy would have "double tapped" Mr.Mohawk & dropped him in his fat tracks. I'd also be willing to bet that they (thugs) would think twice about rushing up on a vehicle in the future if shots had been fired or perhaps thugs run over and/or arrested themselves. Since when is legal to demand someone to get out of their vehicle? Perhaps a police officer, but a thug(s)? No way Jose. Back the f*** off!

    Oh, nice job today Arthur at Chicano Park San Diego. Pizza anyone? Like when SDPD Lt. whispered, "It's going South fast...we need get out of here..." Holy s***! My heart skipped a beat hearing this. You're a warrior! Berkeley... Huntington Park... Phoenix...


  4. why are we not rounding them up and expelling them back to central america? They don't know how to live in a free country who's foundation is respect for others differing opionions, etc. Instead, they form threatening gangs & violence. Kick out any illegal, Chris Garcia, and the LA police responders, who disrepect our laws.