Thursday, August 31, 2017

More Media Fails from the LA Titanic: Reportedly vs. Actually

This one tweet encapsulates why the liberal mainstream media is in total freefall.

Hailey Branson-Potts (or is just Branson? Has she been divorced yet?), sent out the following tweet after the attacks and assaults I had endured in Berkeley this past weekend:
She writes "reportedly".

As if it weren't true or something?

The proper term is "actually", or how about not writing a qualifying adverb in the first place?

What does "reportedly" actually mean?

"According to what some say (used to express the speaker's belief that the information given is not necessarily true)."


Did Hailey even graduate from high school? What kind of grades did she earn in English Composition?

Reportedly, she's educated, but not from the poor journalism and word choice evident in her media.

I think the pictures speak for themselves:

Then after the Antifa mobs showed up:

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  1. Loss of hat, Trump flag and eye glasses. Of course, none of that actually occurred because the liberal media can't confirm or deny it. No Smoking Gun recovered philosophy, thus the murder never happened. Allegedly? Reportedly? Nonsense. Bias liberal-lefty media simply furthering their agenda. The agenda is simple: all free today, open borders, anyone and everyone welcome as well as continued racism/divisiveness is their goal. Pitting an Us against Them mentality. But, who is us and who is them? Lefty? Righty? Who knows someday you may have to declare on a job application or resume whether your a Lefty or a Righty. If they do so, I think they (prospective employers) should start with the media first. "Vocal SoCal Trump supporter Arthur Schaper, known for disrupting public meetings..." What about a Patriotic American who wants Law and Order? Disruptive? No, not really just wants both sides to be heard. An equal voice by both sides. But if to be labeled disruptive is what is described by the media, then perhaps wear it with a badge of honor. You're the best Arthur. ☺