Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Brad Sherman Town Hall: Trump Supporters Trump "Delusional" Sherman (Photo Gallery)

The Brad Sherman town hall was more lively this time.

I had attended a meeting in April, but this one, held August 20th, had many more Trump supporters, and they were very unhappy with Sherman's delusional decision to impeach President Donald Trump.

He faced a lot of blowback this time.

I was really surprised and impressed that so many more Trump supporters were there this time compared to last time.

I met this incredibly active black Trump supporter, young and bold.

He called out Congressman Sherman and hateful progressives and Democrats on a repeated basis.

It was really something!

Here is the photo gallery.

I will have other posts to focus on specific individuals who did a celebrated job of standing out against Sherman's bigotry and for Trump's agenda.

Here is the photo gallery for the entire town hall.

Videos with the photos will be provided soon.

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