Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WINNING! We the People Rising Storm and Win in Huntington Park (August 15, 2017)

The Brown Supremacist (Defend) Movement was missing in action last night.

The city of Huntington Park is now facing a $350 million debt liability.

They cannot keep law and order in their city.

We the People Rising showed up in full force, and none of the racist bigoted Brown Supremacists showed up at the meeting!

None of them!

All of us suspect that they did not come because they were afraid of the pending legal action against them.

After all, they abused children and misued them for their political agenda.

Raul Rodriguez of America First Latinos is preparing a formal complaint with the district attorney and the Huntington Park Police Department for the lapses in safety last week.

It was a great meeting, especially because LAWerewolf's film team joined us to record our attack on the rampant lawlessness and corruption rampant in Huntington Park.

Check out the series of videos below:

In this video, I talk to Francisco Rivera, our own spoken Latino for Trump who was beat down last weekend. Why? Just for being a Trump supporter. Never in his 40 years did he face such an assault. Ever!

I walked into a relatively empty city council chambers, and there I just let loose on the city council and their corrupt decision making:

Of course, I could not help going after Donna Schwartz, who refused to process Joseph Turner's paperwork to repeal the utility users tax in the city of Huntington Park.

It's unbelievable how she refused to assist in accomplishing her basic duty as a city clerk.

Elsa Aldeguer was one of the people injured last night by the Brown Supremacists in Huntington Park.

What racism and hatred they display!

It was so disheartening to hear what this business owner has faced just to get a business license for his workout studio.

People from all over the city and in the region shared their positive experiences with the workout studio.

Still, to no avail:

This man talked about discrimination which he also faces in the city of Huntington Park. That is just terrible!

Here I spoke, and then Francisco Rivera addressed the city council:

The meeting was a roaring success for We the People Rising

We held our ground, we dominated the discussion, and we showed our support with all law-abiding citizens and patrons in the city.

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