Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cudahy Mayor LIES! Meeting Cancelled for Lack of Agenda, Not Public Safety Concerns (?)

The city of Cudahy cancelled their August 28, 2017 city council meeting.

Mayor Chris Garcia outlined the incredible cost for having the meeting due to public safety concerns.

He also took the opportunity to blame me for all the financial woes in the city of Cudahy ...

Check out his announcement:

I am not sure how my getting chased by a rabid, left-wing mob makes me the violence one:

But wait ...

I contacted Cudahy's Deputy City Clerk yesterday, and he returned my call this morning.

He informed me that the city council meeting was cancelled for two reasons:

1. A small agenda.

2. No justification for a $15,000 cost to hold a meeting for a small agenda.


So which is it?!

Also, the city is losing lots of money through its heavy police presence as well as the overtime and the drain on city resources

Let's not forget that the city has aroused intense ire from the massive number of people in the community who are fed up with the corrupt, arrogant city council and their Democratic handlers, who have done more to lie to the public and fleece the taxpayers instead of actually representing their best interests. The city council majority wants to impose marijuana zones within the city, yet everyone in Cudahy is opposed to it.

The outrageous is hitting a fevered pitch.

Instead of governing the city, Mayor Chris Garcia plays the race card to hide his corruption and hatred.

Shameful. Now he lies to his constituents, too!

It's time for him to exit the building:

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