Sunday, August 20, 2017

Why the CAGOP is Losing: From the Mouth (Accidentally) of CAGOP Vice-Chair Sue Caro

I cannot believe a Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party actually tweeted this.

Yes, Sue Caro did indeed:

In a sad sense, this No vote should come as no surprise.

Aaron Park reports on "Right On Daily":

Sue Caro argued that the Bay Area Republicans supported the measure – basically towing the line of far left Republican Catherine Baker whose Assembly District is in the Bay Area. She was the only board member that spoke in favor of Chad Mayes and what he did. These assertions were despite the Solano, Sonoma and Monterey GOP taking action against.

Here's another tweet which she sent to me earlier today:
And also:

To Sue Caro, I ask the following questions:

Why do we have political parties?

Why should anyone bother to affiliate with a party that does not expect compliance of any kind?

We have parties to ensure that a set of values becomes enacted in government.

People register with political parties because those parties abide by a clear set of values and want to see those values flourish across the state.

Check out the remarks from the lone Republican state senator in Hawaii, who was thrown out of office last year:

Slam was emphatic: parties are not social gatherings.

They exist to promote a clear agenda.

Notice in the above video that the Republican Party leaders in Hawaii refused to attend the round table. They refused to acknowledge that they are doing a terrible job, and they would have to come clean about their terrible leadership if they went public about the dismal future of the Hawaii GOP.

The same perverse future awaits the California Republican Party if leadership continues to advocate for what Sue Caro obviously believes in.

Right now, what we are seeing in the California Republican Party leadership is a dedication to barely getting by, not willing to take risks or take a strong stance.

Until this past week, Executive Committee Leadership formally demanded that Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Chad Mayes step down.

He co-authored and shepherded through the state assembly a corrupt, anti-Republican, anti-Californian Cap and Trade renewal. They should have left the whole thing in the lap of the Democrats--and many of the California Democratic Party members in the state legislature did not want to vote for it. At all.

The minority leader's decision to go along with that corrupt bargain was bad policy, bad politics, and just bad on principle. Mayes should have been gone by now!

Thankfully, the member who voted against removal of Mayes lost this vote.

But still, it's shameful. This is wrong!

And now we understand the mentality for this "no" vote--and we understand further why the California Republican Party has been losing rather than gaining seats in Sacramento and around the state.

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