Thursday, August 10, 2017

Right To Work Foundation: Fighting for Workers and Their Rights

The Right-to-Work Foundation has racked up incredible victories all over the country, and now in the halls of power throughout Washington DC.

These victories are beyond incredible. Men and women forced into unions and forced to pay dues are getting their liberty and their money back.

They are taking more territory now, since Barack Obama has been pushed out office. The freedom to work policy has taken hold in 28 states, and they are working on targeting at least three more. Better yet, if the United States Supreme Court gets on board and strikes down forced union dues, reversing the destructive Abood decision, the shackles of labor abuses and forced unionsism will collapse all over the country.

Imagine the grassroots victories that will overwhelm the country when that happens!

In the meantime, the National Right to Work Foundation is going after continued labor abuses, especially in these newly established right-to-work states like West Virginia. Big Labor does not like that they are losing ground, that their political might is falling away.

They still try to bully individual laborers who do not want their hard-earned dollars pushed into corrupt political campaigns and causes which they do not support.

The legal challenges may be great, but the National Right to Work Foundation is taking them on.

To Worker Freedom and government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Dear Arthur,

For the last eight years, Big Labor's high command counted on their allies in the Obama Administration to protect and expand their forced-dues power over rank-and-file workers.

No longer.

Now, with a new occupant in the White House -- plus new state Right to Work laws and a growing number of important Foundation victories in the courts -- things have been turned upside down for compulsory unionism advocates.

But after years of going toe-to-toe with the union bosses, you and I know the fight is far from over.

The fact is, with billions in forced-dues dollars at stake, opponents of forced unionism will face the full might of Big Labor's empire. 

Today, you and I can expect the union bosses and their allies to:

Launch a counter-offensive in the courts to thwart any further attempt to limit Big Labor's forced-unionism power;
Move to kill or at least obstruct the appointment or nomination of anyone who dares to oppose Big Labor's compulsory unionism privileges; and
Set themselves up to retake the levers of power, using their multi-billion dollar political warchest.
Of course, thanks to Foundation-won Supreme Court precedents, union bosses cannot legally compel workers to pay dues towards Big Labor electioneering and lobbying.

But to have any teeth, the law must be vigorously enforced.

That's why your Foundation's proven free legal aid program is essential.

Take the case of Jeff Richmond, a truck driver from West Virginia.

At the behest of union officials, his employer gave him an ultimatum: Make "voluntary" contributions to Laborers Union Political Action Committees (PACs) or be fired.

Richmond stood by his convictions and refused to authorize the political contributions, so company officials literally sent him home.

Richmond sought help from the Right to Work Foundation, and staff attorneys charged into action.

As a result, the union bosses were sent a strong message, and Richmond won over $10,000 in back pay and refunded dues and fees.

Now, with so much on the line, you and I can expect Big Labor politicking to balloon over the next two years.

That's why it's vital you pitch in your most generous tax-deductible contribution today.

You see, your continuing support will help Foundation attorneys file federal lawsuits, FEC complaints and unfair labor practice charges to block union bosses from funneling workers' hard-earned wages into the coffers of their pet political candidates and causes.

So please make your most generous tax-deductible contribution today.


Mark Mix
President, National Right to Work

P.S. It's clear the union bosses will unleash every weapon in their arsenal to regain power.

Your generous tax-deductible contribution today will enable the Foundation to continue to fight against Big Labor's use of forced dues for politics.

So please send your most generous tax-deductible contribution today.


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