Saturday, August 12, 2017

Politicon 2017: LGBT in the 21st Century

I am not afraid to engage and confront issues where they matter most.

I do not support or endorse the whole LGBT Agenda.

The science, the research on gender, genetics, sexuality, sexual behavior confirm that the arguments of "born gay" or "transgenderism as a natural expression" are all wrong.

Yet, I was willing to listen to the panel of LBGT politicos give their views on what's going on in the world of politics.

I was even hoping that I could ask some questions.

The panel featured  some interesting characters.

First, there was Season Two Finalists from American Idol Clay Aiken.

The moderator did not mention his musical career on TV. We did learn about his career as an activists and singer, as well as his abortive bid against Renee Ellmers in North Carolina (thankfully, she lost in another primary challenge in 2016).

Guy Benson of attended this panel, too. 

Matthew Craffey, the President of the California Log Cabin Republicans also spoke at this forum.

My favorite statement from Matt Craffey: "I came out as a Republican before I came out as gay."

As became predictable and often witnessed, no one liked Trump.

There were LGBT for Trump supporters in the audience, though.

uestions were interesting and inviting, for the most part:

The gentleman below called out the spirit of the LA Gay Pride parade earlier this year, which ended up becoming a Resistance March--with all the animus directed at President Donald Trump.

Check out Part One of the LGBT Panel below:

That perverse misuse of the event turned off all the corporate sponsors, who pulled out of the event.

It also divided the LGBT community.

Check out Isaiah with the cowboy hat!


Guy Benson pointed out that he did not like the harassment and shame he had experienced from other politicos in the gay community.

He does not identify first and foremost as a homosexual, but as an American and a conservative (not necessarily as a Republican).

Another LGBT for Trump told me the same: "I identify first as an American."

Works for me.

Here is Part Two of the LGBT Panel:


Final Reflection

The two Republicans  refused to say anything good about Trump.

Guy Benson admitted that he did not vote for Trump.

Oh brother.Who needs this?

What is the matter with these people? Did they really want Crooked Hillary in the White House?

It was terrible to listen to the liberal hatemongers going after Trump, and the two Republicans on the panel refused to say anything.

All of this is wrong.

Wee need to see real intellectual and political diversity at these discussions.

And conservatives need to fight back rather than rolling over and allowing liberals to be hateful and bigoted in turn.

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