Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Public Comment to Cudahy City Council (August 14, 2017)

First of all, God bless President Donald Trump, and God Bless Jeff Sessions, our wonderful Attorney General, appointed by our wonderful president.

They are already cutting funding to sanctuary jurisdictions, who refuse to abide by our immigration laws.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell who has taken the proper stance of opposing SB 54, is now forced to beg the Trump Administration not to cut the $150 million to LA County law enforcement. He should be scolding this and other city councils for adopting outlaw city policies.

He should be reprimanding the LA County Board of Supervisors for their lawlessness.
Now, I am appalled and ashamed at this ant-immigrant, Brown Supremacy movement which has begun using innocent children to advance their corrupt, racist agenda.

They shout at people like me and say “Get out of Cudahy” – when some of them visited the City of Torrance—and I welcomed them to speak their minds and exercise their First Amendment rights. Hypocrisy much?

Mayor Chris Garcia called black and Hispanic Trump supporters “white Supremacists”, but we have the documents which prove his perverse attachment to La Raza neo-Nazis who want to turn the Southwestern United States into a third-world hell-hole associated with the corrupt, violent cartels controlling Latin America.

Let’s also talk about the rampant child abuse perpetrated by these Brown Supremacists like:

Silvia Merlos, who targeted a group of children in Huntington Park, telling them that they were all going to get deported. Why did she assume that these children were illegal aliens? They had darker skin than she did. I have darker skin than she,  too! That’s outrageous racism. That’s Brown Supremacy for you … or is it white supremacy?

Jaguar Redfeather is a fake Indian who whipped up a hateful frenzy because he was too much a coward to face adults on the issues. Let’s see his papers. Is he even indigenous? He was shouting “”Mexico”” over and over in an American city. He also attacked a man and woman for …. Being white? Trump supporters? More racism. More hatred.

These are your supporters, Chris! These are your champions!

And then there’s Edin Enamorado, Chris Garcia’s left-hand hatchet man, who was arrested for a felony, and with mental health issues who has resorted to La Raza perpetuate the lawlessness and corruption.

Cudahy residents now feel like refugees in their own city, but you and your racist supporters care only about refugees in other cities. You want to create a safe space for Muslims, but not Jews, since at least two Jews have been thrown out of your meetings.

If you really want sanctuary, you will abide by our nation’s laws, but more likely you will drag this city into bankruptcy, with 30 deputies protecting yourselves and not the taxpaying Cudahy residents.

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