Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Huntington Park City Council Comments (August 15, 2017)

On Saturday, August 12, Francisco Rivera was beaten up in front of the Superior Supermarket here in Huntington Park. Why? Because he’s a Trump supporter.

Where is the sanctuary for Francisco, a 40-year resident who has done more to clean up this city than the overpaid, underperforming code enforcers and police officers in Huntington Park? Despite the most vocal pleadings of corrupt Cosme or Silly Settles, or Alfred “Full Capacity” Martinez, this city is a de facto sanctuary city, or outlaw city, brazenly out of compliance with federal immigration laws.

Where is the sanctuary for Nick the Greek, Daniel Salazar, Jorge Sepulveda, Rudy Cruz, Betty Retama, and the thousands of other law-abiding immigrants—legal residents—in this city?

You are Brown Supremacists who attack anyone who loves this country.Now, let’s talk about who your supporters are:

Silvia Merlos, who targeted a group of children in Huntington Park, telling them that they were all going to get deported. Why did she assume that these children were illegal aliens? They had darker skin than she did. I have darker skin than she,  too! That’s outrageous racism. That’s Brown Supremacy for you … or is it white supremacy?

RG Wong, a delusional, illiterate trollope who insists on using flashlights when it’s bright insider. She can’t even pronounce my name right.

Jaguar Redfeather, a con artist who claims Lakota ancestry, a child abuser who harassed parents and children at a Fourth of July Event. He also hid behind a group of Huntington Park children. He kept chanting Mexico, even though this country is the United States.

David De La Tierra, another child abuser who threatened me with libel, even though he and his brown supremacist cohorts have charged me with racism and hatred—all unfounded.

Alex Sanchez, who got more offended because  I called out his racist, Democratic Party leaders for calling black people “niggers”, rather than the fact that the Democratic Party has denied the best interests of American citizens across the country, especially blacks.

Edin Enamorado, the hatchet-man for Cudahy Chris Garcia and his corruption, who called Americans “Wetbacks”, lied about a married couple while defaming other blacks, and compared illegal aliens to black slaves. And he was arrested for a felon which he refused to explain for at least a mont. What is he hiding?

By the way, a drunken Huntington Park resident stumbed in the parking lot last week. None of the aove helped him. But Jon Willis of Ontario and myself, we did.

And yet still we hear the charges of racism.

There is neither room nor justification for your continued lawlessness. Our President is bringing down the hammer on lawless cities and jurisdictions around the country.

And there’s more good news for We the People:

1. The Governor of West Virginia switched to the Republican Party. Democratic lawless amnesty panderers will lose another round of elections next year.
2. President Trump has overseen a massive expansion and growth of the economy
3. Illegal aliens, some who have lived in this country for decades, are getting deported in record numbers. This is what we have been waiting for. And there is nothing any of you can do about this.
4. Businesses are seeing record growth and profits, and that means more jobs, and more jobs for Americans

There is nothing you can do about it folks – our President is making America great again, and you cannot stop him.


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