Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sparks Flying: July 18 Torrance City Council Meeting

The Torrance City Council is turning into a hot-bed of conflict.

The Brown Supremacy Movement tried to get more people in trouble.

They lied about Omar Navarro pepper-spraying little children.

They also lied about Trump supporters and pro-immigration enforcement activists terrorizing communities in the Southeastern Los Angeles County region.

Terrible but true.

There was good that came out of the Brown Supremacy Movement trying to cause trouble in Torrance.

Check out Omar throwing down the Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow:

Gow was the same guy who had joined with the rest of the hateful SJWs and attacked veterans at a private event in West Carson--at the Veterans Hall!

Here are some of the other bored or rather uninformed Brown Supremacists:

Notice that more police officers had to be stationed in the room because of these hatemongers.

Very strange, indeed.

No matter what, I love my haters!

The Brown Supremacy movement is falling apart.

And they are falling apart in my own backyard!

And now they have taken Pat Furey down with them!

Furey is looking bad:

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