Friday, August 18, 2017

Lyin' Ted Lieu Town Hall in ... Orange County?

Lyin' Ted Lieu had his last town hall in Redondo Beach on April 25, 2017.

We the People Rising and LA County for Trump brought the house down:

Then I find out that he was hosting a town hall in ... Aliso Viejo?

What is he doing down there in South Orange County?

There is not one section of his district which represents any part of the OC.

What is Lyin' Ted Doing in there?

Lo and behold, he is hustling with this left-wing PAC to get rid of our beloved Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach).

Check out my first comments when I arrived at this oddly-placed town hall:


John Willis of Ontario joined me, along with other South County activists.

Some of these activists live in Rohrabacher's district, which really goaded them to attend. After all, why is this left-wing ding-bat Democrat in his coastal OC area?

Pretty messed up, I think!

Check  out the "warm welcome" I received:

This creepy lady told me that there was assigned seating.
As if!


This Arabic lady had another old guy tell me that there were "assigned seats".


No one else was forced to sit in a specific place. Why me? Why John Willis?

None of this made sense to us.

And to have security watching us all the time? Why was I being targeted in this way?

The security guy even joined us on the floor of the gymnasium when I lined up to ask Lyin' Ted a question.

I see you!
Here were some of the left-wing agitators who tried to start a fight with me after the town hall.

The one lady flipped me off, then lectured me for not being "professional."


Check out all the security inside the high school gym. What are they worried about? Someone... but who?

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