Thursday, August 24, 2017

Assembly Minority Leader-Elect Brian Dahle "Bromance" with Rendon, Supported Immigration "Reform"

I am not thrilled with Brian Dahle as the new Assembly Minority Leader.

He is not a well-known commodity, even though he didn't take Munger Money.

He seems more like a get along to go along type.

That is simply not what we need right now in Sacramento.

This picture seems to say it all:

Another "Bromance" Brewing in the Deep State of Sacramento?

This is already not looking good.

Then look what I found out ...

Brian Dahle signed off on supporting immigration "reform" with a large number of California Republican legislators, both state and federal:

Here are the state legislators, including Brian Dahle at the bottom:

This is not looking good, folks.

We need to make sure that Dahle knows who is in charge.

Not Speaker Anthony Rendon

Not Charles Munger Jr.

Not the Deep State of Sacramento.

Not his Chief of Staff Joe Cook.

But We the People!

Call his office NOW, and let Dahle know who's boss!

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