Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump vs. McConnell -- Ditch Mitch!

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Trump vs. McConnell


Mitch McConnell picked a fight with Donald Trump when he publicly slapped the president for having "excessive expectations" when it comes to the Senate's legislative accomplishments.

This was a big mistake because the president predictably punched back, highlighting the fact that it was Mitch McConnell who had set the expectations with empty promises.

But rather than learning his lesson, McConnell sought retribution by siding with liberals in the media in attacking the president's response to the events in Charlottesville.

You see, if McConnell has a chance to paint a political enemy as a racist, he will take it. Just look at what he did to Republican Chris McDaniel in the 2014 Mississippi Senate race.

The president clearly wasn't amused so he fired back in a way that strikes fear in the hearts of the GOP establishment. He praised the primary opponent of an incumbent Republican.

As SCF supporters know, this is viewed by McConnell and the other alligators in the swamp as a formal declaration of war.

It didn't take long for McConnell's former chief of staff to urge Republicans to leave the president behind. You know, like McConnell left Darryl Glenn behind in the Colorado Senate race last year.

Next, it was Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) – Conservative Review Score 47%, Grade "F" – who challenged the president's "competence." This is the senator who helped approve President Obama's Iran nuclear deal without Senate ratification. How's that for competence?

Some Republicans may be tempted to side with McConnell, but he has failed to keep his promises and has foolishly picked a fight with the president that compromises his ability to lead the Senate.

Siding with McConnell against Trump also has major political consequences. A recent poll showed that 57 percent of Republican voters believe the president is more trustworthy than McConnell, who was backed by only 14 percent. Voters know that McConnell is part of the establishment and does not share their values.

It's time for Senate Republicans to thank McConnell for his service and elect a new leader who can help them enact conservative reforms and work with the president to drain the swamp.

Click here to send an email to Senate Republicans urging them to replace Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader.

They should do this in September when they return from their monthlong recess. There's no sense in wasting any more time with a leader who won't keep his promises.

Ken Cuccinelli II
Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Action

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