Thursday, August 31, 2017

Letters to the Editor: Aftermath of Berkeley

Hi Arthur,

I started to receive newsletters from Town hall, I am assuming you added my email from FB message I sent you last week. Great reading, you are also a great writer. 
My name on FB for flake account J---- S---. I had to create an additional FB , flake account so friends and family not exposed to the hate. Grrr. 
I have deactivated all my FB accounts - absolutely despise FB. Anyway my real name is Carrilynn, just wanted to tell you thank you for town hall emails. Please be safe out there. 
God bless you for standing up for our President and We the people. 


Bro I really hope your OK.

Your are such a powerful General in our Movement but you go at it sometimes with just a handful of support?? you really need a small well trained army of Bad ass's get bikers, Blacks, good ol boys, Latinos, Militia, a small army of well trained Pitbull dogs everyone- you really have to expand exponentially please....Thank you for what you do my prayers are always with you... to me your a inspiration and you make me so proud to be an American!!!


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