Thursday, August 24, 2017

Phoenix, Arizona: Trump Supporters Defeat Evil Antifa

The Phoenix, Arizona Trump rally was a huge success.

19,000 people showed up to support our President and his America First agenda.

7,000 Antifa and anti-Trumpers were supposed to show up, but a fraction of that number actually rebelled in the streets.

A sample of the insipid, anti-Trump hate


We rallied very hard against the Antifa left and the anti-Trump fascists who poured into Phoenix, Arizona to cause trouble.

We confronted them outside and shouted down their hate.

No matter how loudly they yelled at us, we yelled right back at them, giving full vent to our love of country and our President.

There were Trump supporters of all races, creeds, and backgrounds.

We have young men and women there too, in record numbers. We are Americans, and we were never more united than on that night, standing up to the fascist hate of the lying regressive Left Antifas.

I am so proud of our President, and I have never felt happier being in the United States!

And God Bless Jeff Sessions, our grand Attorney General.

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