Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Brad Sherman Town Hall: Black Trump Supporter Condemns Planned Parenthood

I love meeting black Trump supporters! They help knock the hell out of the lie that President Trump is some kind of misguided white supremacist. They also know the true history of the Democratic Party and their hateful alienation toward black voters.

The truth is that Trump solidified support from across the ethnic spectrum. We should be so glad to have a President who does not discriminate, but looks at all of us as Americans.

This man was very well versed in the true history of the Democratic Party, particularly the destructive, perverse agenda of Planned Parenthood.

This young man was one of the most outspoken critics of Brad Sherman.

He was also one of the boldest Trump supporters in the room.

He came up to as the rest of the Trump team was lining up to the enter the high school auditorium:

He ran up to me within seconds of seeing me!

This guy was not messing around!
He meant business!

"Planned Parenthood targeted black babies!"

 He was one of the most outspoken! Sometimes I had to ask him to keep it down! (LOL!)

"BOO! Brad Sherman BOO!"

The Los Angeles Times captured us in a great photo shot, too!

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