Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Politicon 2017: Photo Gallery

While I am still working on the different reports and write-ups for the Politicon 2017 event, I wanted to share with everyone the photos I took at the event.

Please enjoy!

Charles Kirk

Great Shirt!

I was so happy to see my friend Fernando Guzman of Santa Clarita

Seriously? A Uterus puppet?!

Real political dialogue!

LGBT in 21st Century--Everyone hates Trump ...

Who is Arthur? Who is James Carville?

Check out this news crew.
Young Hispanic Conservatives making the case on college campuses!

Young Libertarians

Matt Walsh of Connecticut made it!

A man named wearing a shirt with the picture of
A man named Ane

Pasadena Police Keeping an Eye Out

Ann Coulter

It's Roger Stone!

Political Baseball Cards

The Green Moveement painting trash cans

Yes! Hard-core supporter of Israel

Harim Uzziel!

Shai Sami!

Meeting the President

Make California Great Again

I didn't know that Jim Brulte was here!

Selfie with Capitalism and Justice

Corrupt reporter

Legal Latino Heat gets the Finger of Shame!

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