Thursday, August 31, 2017

Creepy Pastor Justifies Antifa Attacks at Berkeley

I could not believe I saw this on the news.

Even the liberal mainstream media is not supporting the attacks waged by Antifa and their fellow left-wing Marxist scum.

But this female pastor was on board with what they were doing?

She actually believed that right-wing violence is much worse than anything that the Left has perpetrated.

Why is that, though? There is a reason for this disgusting moral equivalence.

The Left is not interested in moral and immoral.

They only care about equal and unequal.

That is the only dimension or dynamic they care about.

This pastor, however, should be defrocked, or her parish taken away from her.


The Bible does not teach such favoritism.

We all receive grace when we believe on Jesus Christ.

This is not about the state stepping in and picking winners and losers.

There is right and there is wrong.

Antifa is wrong. Their corrupt abuse towards me and other Trump supporters is wrong.

And the pastor in name only justifying their behavior is very wrong!!

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