Sunday, August 20, 2017

ICYMI: More Winning For President Trump

Here is a short list (hardly exhaustive) of the big wins that President Trump is accomplishing across the country and how is draining the swamp, sometimes with the inadvertent, unintentional assistance of the very liberals who think that they are dissing him.

All of this was accomplished over the last week, even though the media has become completely Trump deranged.

1. Trump has revoked a rule which bans plastic bottles in National Parks. That was an Obama-era rule meant to hurt working people and force the corrupt, unreal Green agenda down everyone's throats.

2. Operation Choke Point is over. This corrupt program was targeting banks and small lenders to prevent them from helping conservative groups.

3. MS-13 gangs are getting locked up and throw out of the country. In fact, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has met with leaders in El Salvador in order to end the dominance (and existence) of MS-13 throughout Latin America. I don't recall Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder meeting with Latin American leaders to end transnational gang violence.

4. Sad-sack Kal Penn and the rest of Obama Arts Advisory council has resigned. Who needs them? Who ever needed that stupid board anyway? More swamp drained.

5. The Business advisor council which Trump had coordinated has disbanded because everyone was really unhappy with Trump's response to Charlottesville. Right? Wrong! The truth is that Trump is not going big for corporate welfare, so Big Business is taking their marbles and going home.

I say Bye Felicia!

6. The Central American Management program for parolees has been terminated. "Refugees" from Central American countries. Enough with playing Battered Women's Shelter to the world.

We need to put Americans First!

And business is booming!

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