Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Folklore Americana Presents: This is DACA (Protest AT Congressman Ed Royce's Office)

Last week, I joined with We the People Rising to protest DACA, and to support Congressman Ed Royce to ensure that he does not support the corrupt, unconstitutional program.

DACA must go.

American dreamers must come first, foremost, and only.

I confronted the DACA supporters on the street corner near Royce's office.

Gary Grindall61 joined me for fifteen minutes.

Then LAWerewolf's film crew along with Folklore American recorded incredible footage from all angles.

Here's the incredible video they put together below!

We are fighting for American citizens.

We are fighting for the rule of law.

We will not tolerate the disregard for our country's immigration laws, especially any interest group who wants to shove this lawlessness into our faces and down our throats.

Hasn't our country's compassion been pushed enough?!

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