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Cudahy City Council Meeting Highlights (August 14, 2017)

The August 14, 2017 Cudahy City Council meeting was an orderly affair.

Extensively orderly, and some could argue excessively orderly. I had to wait in a long line with a large number of other Cudahy residents in order to get inside. The sheriff's deputies now check everyone's bags to ensure that there are no weapons in the chambers.

Before the line-up, I had told friends of mine that I would go to the city council meeting as long as the parking lot was open. If the sheriff closed the parking lot to the public, then I was not going. There is no reason for anyone to put their life or property at risk on streets where Brown Supremacist thugs can cause damage. No one should have to endure such racist hatred.

Key sections of the parking lot were cordoned off, as expected, but now the deputies on site were telling me not to go to certain sections of the parking lot. I did record at least six deputy vehicles within the lot. At least 13 deputies were on site, too.

Most of the people attending the meeting wanted to stop the marijiuana zoning ordinances. Cudahy is just one suare mile, with seven schools located within the city. The average age is 27, which indicates a young population.

As I lined up, I noticed former Maywood City Councilman Felipe Aguirre, who had attended the Brown Supremacy summit at UC Riverside as a guest speaker, along with Blanca Gomez. Current Mayor of Cudahy Chris Garcia was supposed to speak at that even, too, but did not arrive--for whatever reason. I called out Aguirre multiple times, even though I had identified him by the wrong name. The whole Brown Power movement is sickening and offensive.

While walking into the Turner Center, I noticed a remnant of the left-wing "Defend Movement", including the left-wing BS Media camera man, RG Wong, and Rheema Hope, who is the younger lad pictured in back:

When I would confront them to say "hello", they walked away from me. Even  more interesting, creepy little RG did not have her many flashlights on her. What was their problem? They seemed very unhappy, even apathetic. Later on, they gathered around their token youth Joseph Moreno--another example of the Left's misuse and abuse to further their Left-Wing agenda.

It was vindicating to call them out on their abuse. It was gratifying to see them cower away in shame.

Sean Van, a paramedic, joined me at the Cudahy City Council meeting to protect me, just in case any of the hostile alt-left elements tried to harm me. It was great to have him there, as more of the Trump team and other patriots arrived about half an hour later.

Within minutes of my sitting down, Alan Garcia, the one who called me "a child" last February, came by. I said to him "Uestion paso guey?" to just say hi. He got really angry, uestioned me twice "what did you say?!" then he rushed over, ripped my hat off, then threw it to the ground.

Outrageous! That guy has serious emotional issues. He has gone out of his way to antagonize people, especially Harim when we went to Maxine Waters' town hall in Inglewood, CA three months ago. That's not the first time he has had disturbing outburts of temper. He had grabbed Pamela Munguia by the hand last year. She ended up filing a restraining order against him. Twice he would shout out in the audience for me to "shut up". One time, he screeched at me from the hallway. Captain Biagini (before his retirement), told him to leave.

This time, the deputies confronted him, as did I, and he was forced to leave.


Then Edin "Americans are Wetbacks" Enamorado showed up. I shamed him about Alan Garcia's behavior. Then I pushed back when he told me about "Malibu".

Check it out, Edin!

The meeting rolled into place , and a few presentations followed. They were not very compelling.

Then came public comment. Most of the public spoke out against the marijuana zoning. The powerful statements from parents and even young people in the city was really inspiring.

During my comments, I praised Jeff Sessions and President Trump for their work against illegal immigration. I also exposed Garcia's connections with the Neo-Nazi Brown Supremacist Left, particularly the meeting in UC Riverside.

After my public comments, I went outside to find that there were multiple sheriff's deputies all over the place. Screaming and yelling dominated the background and on the sidewalk.

It was incredible! I could not believe that so much personnel was on stand-by at the meeting!

Cudahy, CA is going to go bankrupt if they continue this overbearing arsenal. Of course, all of this would end if the city council would rescind the sanctuary city policy.

If only ...

Here are the videos of the city council meeting from August 14, 2017:


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