Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Widely Traveled American Rejects Single-Payer: Here's Why

The regressive Left loved to sing the praises of socialized medicine, or single-payer health care.

But the stories that I have heard, plus the research I have conducted, cannot make it clearer that single-payer health care is not good.

Universal health care is neither universal nor health care.

Consider these three examples for more reasons to oppose its implementation in California or anywhere else.

Hi Arthur,

As I said, I lived in Europe (Norway and England)as a teen.  Both had government run healthcare.  I have three stories for you.

1) An American woman living in Norway (Stavanger) fell on the ice one day and broke her arm.  It took so long for her to get care that the arm had healed and they had to break her arm again in order to reset it correctly.

2) Living in England, I became ill.  I was taken to a doctor there but he had no clue what was wrong with me.  It wasn't until about four years later that I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease which had begun while I was in London.

3) A friend and her husband were recently living in Sweden (he was with the embassy there).  She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  They made a date for surgery for SIX months from the diagnosis!  They instead, came back to the States, she had surgery right away and now about two years later is still alive and cancer free.  

Socialized healthcare in a nutshell.  Drives me crazy when people (as I saw someone today saying to you on your live feed) say that we all will get this wonderful FREE care.  The ignorance is astounding.

Thanks for all you are doing! Please keep my name anonymous if you discuss this at all :-)


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