Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We the People Rising: Repeal DACA! (Rep. Ed Royce's Office)

The regressive Left is panicking.

Their chosen Presidential candidate Crooked Hillary didn't make it.

Jobs are up, and the economy is improving.

What does that mean? It means that there will be fewer welfare queens and welfare cases that will vote Democrat for a living.

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are cracking down on crime, corruption ...

And illegal immigration.

Check out We the People taking on DACA supporters, and all of us are demanding an end to this unconstitutional program, which I imagine will be rescinded very, very soon.

Yet the illegal alien panders and their amnesty supporters have turned out in full force, trying to shame and pressure Congressman Ed Royce to cave and support DACA.

Not going to happen.

Congressman Ed Royce will stand up for the rule of law.

I even had the pleasure of meeting with him personally last year, three days after President Trump's election victory!

Royce is going to carry his seat in 2018, too! The Democratic Party in Orange County has lots its mind, convinced that they will knock out any of the four or five Republicans nestled in and around that region.

Nope. Besides, the Democratic Party's mad need to champion illegal aliens and unconstitutional executive orders will only hurt them more.

In fact, the sheer folly of these left-wing agitators is pretty staggering. Do they not understand that DACA is an executive order? This program will end in a trice with the pen and phone of our President Donald Trump.

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