Friday, August 25, 2017

Corrupt LA Times Media Runs from Me

This was a lot of fun.

I love going after the corrupt media.

This photographer works for the Los Angeles Times.

The same Los Angeles Times whose main editors have been fired and replaced.

Watch him run!
The same Los Angeles Times which is carrying water for Maxine Waters while trying to smear and malign Trump supporters.

Check out my confrontation with this photographer:


  1. You followed a man around harassing him? A photographer? What is wrong with you? People run from you because you are a psychopath. Freak

    1. Artie, you are a fucking demented maniac. If you ever came within arm's length of me, I'd rip your fucking throat out.

  2. Keep up the good work Art man! Remember everyone this violence is nothing but a distraction keep your eyes on the prize Debbie Wassermann > Awon scandel> Loretta Lynch>
    DOJ>HILLARY>DNC = SETH RICH and then up to Obama. Big things happening they need a civil war or their all getting going down.

    Solid sources say Hillary was offered a plea deal recently and denied it out of thinking she is invincible Nd this is too big a pill for the USA to swallow . Huge mistake