Sunday, August 20, 2017

CAGOP Caucus Members on the Fence: Demand That They #FireChadMayes

This is from Harmeet Dhillon, CAGOP National Committeewoman
Assembly Leadership Update: there are plenty of votes for a new leader if Chad resigns (he’s announced he “won’t capitulate”), but a good contingent of members will not vote to vacate the chair, don’t ask me why.
It’s time for every activist represented by a Republican in the Assembly to pick up the phone and keyboard and ask those members to do the right thing — vote to vacate the chair, vote for a new leader.
Here is contact info for all of them. These calls/emails are most effective when made by their constituents or better yet, leaders of conservative groups active in their districts.
Assemblyman Dante Acosta – (916) 319-2038 – or email
Assemblyman Frank Bigelow – (916)319-2005 – or email
Assemblyman Phillip Chen – (916) 319-2055 – or email
Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham – (916) 319-2035 – or email

Assemblyman Brian Dahle – (916) 319-2001 – or email
Assemblyman Health Flora – (916) 319-2012 – or email
Assemblyman James Gallagher – (916) 319-2003 – or email 
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – (916) 319-2006 – or email
Assemblyman Tom Lackey – (916) 319-2036 – or email
Assemblywoman Marie Waldron – (916) 319-2075 or email

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