Saturday, August 12, 2017

Senate Conservatives Fund: Two Major Elections This Tuesday

Senate Conservatives Fund


The special elections for U.S. Senate in Alabama and for U.S. House in Utah are this Tuesday, August 15th. These races are very close and what SCF supporters do now could determine the outcome.
Congressman Mo Brooks

In Alabama, conservative Congressman Mo Brooks has endured millions of dollars of attack ads from Mitch McConnell's super PAC and is now within a few percentage points of making the runoff.
Chris Herrod

In Utah, conservative Chris Herrod has erased a 15-point deficit and is now tied with John Curtis, the tax-hiking mayor of Provo. There is no runoff so the top vote winner will be the party's nominee.

Please make a contribution to these two outstanding candidates today. We don't have much time so please act now!

SCF will wire transfer 100% of your donation directly to their campaigns so they have the funding they need to turn their voters out.

Thank you for fighting for conservative leadership.

You may not be able to vote for these candidates, but you can exercise your First Amendment right to donate to their campaigns.

Ken Cuccinelli II
Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Fund
@KenCuccinelli / @SCF

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