Thursday, August 24, 2017

Phoenix Trump Rally Trump Supporters Overcome Antifa Hate on Full Display

My friends Tom and Cindy Green got me to the Phoenix Convention Center just in time.

It was fantastic!

It was incredible!

I am so glad that they took me to Phoenix, Arizona to see my President!

Check out this great photo at the Convention Center:

They are so kind and helpful!

Never did I think that I would have this opportunity!

We survived incredible heat, a long drive (which was smooth and very comfortable), and then we saw

ANTIFA! and other creepy crawlies!

We walked from the Sheraton Hotel (which was located close by), and already the crazy liberals were out in full hate mode.

But before the hate heated up, a crazy-looking fox (or weasel, or whatever) was standing by:

Check out the photos below:

The Phoenix police department as well as the Maricopa County Sheriff prepared for everything.

They had to place guard rails around the statues!

Then came the hateful, bigoted signs from the hateful, bigoted anti-Trump Communist Supremacists and their Antifa hordes.

Just crazy!

So much misguided hate.

At least one person drove a car to the area with pro-American messaging for everyone to see:

Honor our veterans!

It was pretty exhilirating seeing all that anti-Trump hate--which could not hurt us.

We strode in stride to the Convention Center without any problems!

The walk in was peaceful and orderly, too!

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