Friday, August 11, 2017

Review: Torrance Opposes SB 54! WINNING! (Brown Supremacists Lose It)

In spite of their best efforts, the amensty pandering left has to accept the fact that more cities are opposed to SB 54.

Sanctuary state legislation will provide sanctuary to no one but the limited careers of politicians out to futher their careers.

The criminal illegal aliens in our jails will be let loose back into our communities to commit crimes.

Torrance, CA, however, has taken the strong step of opposing SB 54.

When we went to celebrate the moment, we found some uniue opposition.

Brown Supremacists showed up trying to frighten us.

But of course, they were just feckless clowns who could do nothing about it:

Here's the first confrontation I had with them:


Let's just say that they were not too thrilled with the fact that our city--my city--had decided to stand against lawlessness.

What was really good about it? My mayor, the corrupt Pat Furey, had to sign off on his opposition to the legislation, even though he is a hard-core liberal and wants his pal Al Muratsuchi to get re-elected.

Check out Elsa Aldeguer--a legal immigrant from El Salvador--speaking out in favor of Torrance and against SB 54:

Check us out as we lined up to our seats to get ready for the meeting:


And of course, the press arrived.

Spanish media only, of course.

This time, however, we refused to let them tilt the story in favor of the illegal aliens and against the rule of law:

This reporter was really upset because I called him out on his biases.

I challenged him repeatedly why he kept calling We the People Rising "Anti-Immigrant", which is patently untrue.

His response? "I make the uestions." Even his English as well as his reporting skills was terrible.

We need to confront the corrupt, left-wing Spanish-speaking media.

Edin wasn't too thrilled that another city rejected SB 54:

Check out Chanel giving little Edin hell:

Elsa is awesome. She told the reporter right to his face: "You guys are liars!

The Torrance City Council Sergeant-at-arms tried to uell the Brown Supremacy madness. They were loud and disruptive. I wish that they had done more to stop the city council's reckless spending:

Fake Indian Jaguar Redfeather couldn't handle the fact that he was getting confronted on his pro-illegal lies:

Jesse Suave of Corona joined us to celebrate the city of Torrance's decision to reject SB 54:

RG Wong, aka Madam Swan, wasn't too happy about the city of Torrance's decision to support law and order, either:

Diet pills wasn't in a happy mood:

Edin Enamorado tried to explain the felon arrest on his record:

Robin Hvidston, the leader of We the People Rising, thanked the Torrance City Council for opposing SB 54:

It was really inspiring to see so many Latinos for Trump speak out against sanctuary state lawlessness, too:


As expected, because of the Brown Supremacy movement, whom Mayor Furey champions, the Torrance police had to call in back-up to protect the premises:

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