Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We the People Rising: TAKE IT DOWN PROTEST Against Rep Lou Correa

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Rep Lou Correa Veterans Town Hall
TAKE IT DOWN PROTEST in front of Rep Lou Correa Town Hall
8/21/17 Santa Ana, CA District Office
Report by Robin Hvidston
Rep Lou Correa held a Veterans Town Hall. When We The People Rising members attempted to register for the town hall, the online registration was "sold out." However, several attendees as they left the meeting said there were plenty of empty seats at the town hall.

VIDEO PROTEST during the town hall, calling for Rep Lou Correa to remove the student painting of the Statue of Liberty wearing a Muslim hijab in the district office.


Flyers were distributed to interested passersby. There were approximately 5 Santa Ana Police Officers monitoring the protest. The officers did not seek to limit the group. The protest was staged in front of the doors where the meeting was being held.

Some of the attendees were interested in the protest and were therefore handed a flyer. Several were not happy when they learned about the painting in their congressman's office. There were those who sided with the congressman. One man flipped the group off as he entered the building and also when he departed. There was a mother with children in her SUV who stopped by the protest site, and when she was informed about the issue via a flyer, she was outraged to learn about the painting in her congressman's office. Another man who drove by in a Mustang, stopped by the protest, and when he was handed a flyer he was very angry to learn the congressman was displaying the painting.

A man, who most likely was of the Muslim faith, asked questions and made statements in favor of the painting as he filmed the group on his cell phone, then drove away.

When the event ended at about 8:10pm, Raul Rodriguez left the protest site and staged near a back door entrance where police officers were whisking the congressman out by slipping him underneath curtains and out a back door. However, Raul spied him as he departed through the door and was able to express his loud opposition to the painting of the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab, via his bullhorn


Student  Congressional Art Competition entry - on display in Rep Lou Correa's office.



202-225-2965 Washington, DC

714-621-0102 Santa Ana District Office



Congressional Student Art Competition


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