Wednesday, August 23, 2017

RINO-PLAC Not Fighting Cheating Chad: SCAM-inoff Makes Excuses

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County needs to sober up with new leadership, or just shut itself down.

For the past three months, grassroots Republicans throughout the state have hammered Cheating Chad Mayes and his fellow GOP traitors for their Cap and Trade vote.

We confronted the staffers in Marc Steinorth's office a few weeks ago, and instead of meeting with the assemblyman, 25 California Highway Patrolmen swarmed the district office parking lot.


Not only that, but other staffers have been slamming the phones on people, shutting off the emails, or finding other ways to dismiss the growing outrage from grassroots Republicans who are tired of being deceived and betrayed.

I have been blasting the RPLAC Central Committee, wondering when they will take up some kind of vote to censure Chad Mayes and demand his removal as Assembly Minority Leader.

Here's the tepid, pathetic response I received from RPLAC Treasurer Gary SCAM-inoff:


The next executive committee meeting takes place in September, so the Central Committee is going to sit on its hands, close their eyes, ears, and mouth, then do nothing.

What a sham.

The Sacramento County GOP executive board held an emergency meeting to draft a resolution against Mayes. What's holding the Los Angeles County central committees from doing the same?

They took the time to revoke the charter for the largest volunteer club in Los Angeles County, but they can't take on the corrupt Chad Mayes and his Cap and Betrayal?

We know where their priorities lie, don't we?

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